The O.H.O.P. Way: Others Helping Others Prosper

by Alana Allen | November 17th, 2015

OHOP T-ShirtWith a heart of gold and a passion to serve, Ray Harper, a native of Fayetteville, N.C., has dedicated his entrepreneurship spirit into a brand that uplifts and sows into others. Harper is the founder and owner of O.H.O.P. Clothing, a t-shirt line that stands for, “Others Helping Others Prosper.” When asked why he started O.H.O.P. Clothing his answer is very simple and clear, he prayed about it and within 24 hours, God answered him with the name of the business and purpose. O.H.O.P. Clothing has a charitable structure that serves the people and helps enhance the lives of others.

When Harper established the business in 2003, he wanted a brand that had meaning and showed African American men in a positive light being leaders in their communities. Through his efforts, he set out to create a monthly theme to support a nonprofit or cause. His business takes the proceeds from t-shirt sales and donates it to charity. “I honestly wanted a business that people invested in and they knew exactly where their money was going each month. There are some months that we support single moms, health organizations, women empowerment groups, at-risk youth and the homeless,” he says.

Harper’s mission in life to serve, speaks volumes about the faith he has in God to help people. He also credits his passion and love for others to his parents and grandparents. “Growing up in a small church, I saw firsthand the importance of giving back to people in need. My grandmother was a minister and I would often see her assisting people and always being a strong foundation of hope. Giving back is not an option for me, it’s a lifestyle,” he says.

Through his business efforts, he works with young African American males in high school and college teaching them about entrepreneurship, how to sell products, charity and first impressions. The youth in his business are brand reps that help with the distribution of the product. So not only is he mentoring young men, but he is preparing them for their future to be successful in all aspects of life.

Harper’s long term goal is to have his t-shirt line sold nationwide in a retailer and charitable events taking place once a month in all 50 states.
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