The Perks and Pains of the Process

by Terry Watson | September 14th, 2015
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

The world that we live in today — sure isn’t like how it used to be. There is such a lack of patience, and everybody wants what they want, now! Its often called a “microwave society,” most of us aren’t willing to take the traditional steps to get the same results that used to require more resilience, persistence, and good old-fashioned work. I honestly believe that we compromise more when we rush, and the thrills and appreciation are not as long-lasting. We avoid going through the process but still seek the same rewards.

There have often been times when I didn’t want to take the road less traveled. I pondered over the thoughts of what I would endure. And often times I used an alternate route to get to the same destination, and thought to myself when I arrived there, ‘that was way too easy’. There were times that I found myself back at the same starting point and I still took the alternate route with the same results. I eventually took the path that I had avoided and experienced pains along the way, as well as the perks.

Many of the pains I experienced along my journey were foreseen. I knew there would be opposition and resistance. I knew that I would be forced to make tough decisions and compromise. There were also pains that I didn’t anticipate such as those masked by generosity and well wishes. I learned the hard way that not every good thing is good for me, and actually it is just a trap or pitfall to stop me from growing. I also learned that the greatest pain doesn’t always derive from the hardest blow.

Taking the hardest route and enduring it also has its perks. I grew stronger by squaring my shoulders in the face of defeat and pressed on towards the finish line. While the battle may have bruised me a bit, I was blessed even still. Respect and agility comes from enduring some of the things that we dread the most. We must endure the pains and perks of the process before we can realize our purpose.

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