The Prayer Warriors

by Tonya Dixon | November 18th, 2016
Perry and Angelene Hill and The Prayer Warriors (Photos by Jarvis Harris)

Perry and Angelene Hill and The Prayer Warriors (Photos by Jarvis Harris)

For those who believe, the power of prayer is often beyond explanation, but it’s a necessary and sincere connection tool to God. The premise behind prayer is that it supersedes situations and circumstances, requires no specific location, demographic, experience, education or financial status. It’s open to and for all. Keeping all of those factors in mind, The Prayer Chapel was established in June 2006 by pastors Perry and Angelene Hill as a non-denominational means for Christians to connect with God and intercede on the behalf of others through pointed, specific, strategic and determined prayer. It was a move of faith, but the Hills were certain that it was a clarion call from God to a deeper level in Him.

“Elder [Perry] and I stepped out in faith knowing that the vision would become clearer as we made the faith walk one step at a time,” said Angelene. “Together, we are yet walking out the vision and are watching it as God unfolds it through revelation and knowledge. God is faithful and will make provision where He gives a vision. He is increasing us more and more.” An extension of “A Ray of Hope Ministries,” The Prayer Chapel is simply where prayer prevails for daily direction and “intercessors are developed.” It is comprised of every facet of what the Bible defines as the Five-Fold Ministry, which includes the spiritual calling to be an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and/or teacher.

The Prayer Chapel has two different aspects. “Commanding Your Day Prayer Call” occurs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6 a.m. Believers from across the country unite together in prayer for 30 minutes via a conference call in order to command and petition what the Lord has designed for that day. The Prayer Chapel: “Where Intercessors are Developed,” occurs every Sunday morning from 6-7 a.m. and the first and third Saturdays of every month from 8 – 9 p.m. (EST).

By design, The Prayer Chapel is a “ministry without walls.” People of all kinds have committed to unite together in prayer for the sake of others. Those gathered on the line run the gamut and include national leaders, lay members, apostles, prophets, teachers, single mothers, married couples, new as well as mature Christians, retirees, professional and everybody in between. They call in and represent every area of the country, from North Carolina to California. The common thread is their ability to identify with the struggles that all of mankind faces and humbly pray on their behalf.

However, as important as the prayer is, it’s not just about the actual prayer. The Hills have designed The Prayer Chapel as an opportunity to teach and impart into others about the ministry and calling of intercession. Various ministry leaders of the chapel dedicate the first and third Saturdays to the teachings and development of Intercessory prayer.

“We spend time with those who show interest in being intercessors, teaching them and giving instruction via the prayer line. Intercessory prayer is different. It’s not just about me and my four and no more,” said Angelene. “The prayers are focused on the world and society at large, political situations and whatever the Holy Spirit leads us to pray about.”

The members of The Prayer Chapel are consistent, dedicated and faithful to the specified times as well as cultivating their calling and assignment and the calling of others. The ministry of The Prayer Chapel is open and available to go into prayer sessions at all times, accepting invitations to conduct workshops, conferences, prayer vigils and trainings of all sizes. The Hills believe that the ministry they have been called to is such that will yield corporate breakthrough and change.

In addition to The Prayer Chapel, the Hills have been given a mandate to conduct marriage and couples ministry. Having been married for 45 years and weathered the trials and tribulations that marriage entails, Perry and Angelene are prepared to counsel couples in every aspect. While Angelene is certified through the American Association of Christian Counselors, the ministry power couple uses the Hope Focused Approach. They have received numerous testimonies of how couples have been reunited and marriages mended through the God-inspired counseling of the Hills.

Even though the Hills as well as the members of The Prayer Chapel all maintain individual ministries and schedules they still commit to the often, tedious schedule required of The Prayer Chapel leaders.

The Prayer Chapel leaders are as follows: Jennifer Simmons is an evangelist affiliated with Joy Tabernacle of Praise, Church of God in Christ (COGIC) in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Simmons is the founder and owner of Create A Smile Ministry (in the making). She serves as director of education, president of the Young Women’s Christian Council, is an educator of both youth and adults, youth advisor, special projects and community events coordinator, a partner with the Department of Social Services and serves as vice president of the Foster Parent Association all in the name of ministry.

Walker E. Davis, Jr. is affiliated with Victory in Christ Ministries, in Lumberton North Carolina. Davis serves as an associate minister at Victory in Christ. He is a retired U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer and operates in the ministry of the Apostle. Davis is honored and excited that God saw the best in him to raise him up as an Intercessor.

Cynthia Hodges is a ministry teacher. She serves as a pastors aid, church clerk and assists the finance committee in her local church at Deliverance Temple Worship Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. Hodges is called to be a part of the “helps” ministry throughout the Body of Christ. She is the founder of “A Greater X-Change” located in Burlington, North Carolina. Hodges is no stranger to ministry and does whatever her hands find to do for the Kingdom of God.
James Lazenby (not pictured) is a pastor of 15 years. He is currently the senior pastor of Church of Another Chance in Kansas City, Kansas. He is the former pastor of Holy Ground Temple COGIC, in Hohenfels, Germany. Lazenby is employed by the Department of Defense and has a passion for prison ministry.
Sandra Rollins (not pictured) is the senior pastor of The Hour of Prayer Deliverance Ministries, COGIC, in Albany, Georgia. Rollins is a deliverance preacher with an assignment by God to encourage and help liberate those that are bound. Her ministry is comprised of young people who love God and music. She too is gifted and anointed to sing. Rollins is no stranger to ministry, or the many challenges that ministry presents.

Evangela Mark (not pictured) is a member of A Ray Of Hope Ministries and a single mother who understands and knows the importance of prayer as a single mother. She is anointed to pray for women who are burdened with the task of being a father and a mother to their children. She is a woman of God who refuses to lower her standards to the world’s view of survival. She makes it known that its through God that she has life, provision and strength to make it through each day. Mark says she is a living witness that single parents can do all things through Christ. Mark’s quiet personality might cause some to underestimate the power of her prayers, but the prayer team has witnessed God’s favor for Mark. She prays for single mothers with fervency and when she lifts up single mothers in prayer God moves according to her prayers.

Barbara Kennedy (not pictured) has a profound love for Gods Word, which compels her to continuously speak out His Word in prayer. She is the prayer leader at The Hour of Prayer Deliverance Ministry in Albany, Georgia. Kennedy is quick to combat any situation that presents itself with the authority of the Word of God. Without hesitation, Minister Kennedy will apply the Word to the situation in the form of prayer.

Jessie Jackson (not pictured) is an evangelist and intercessor skillful in spiritual warfare. As she prays, she is able to hear the voice of God directing her what to pray, how to pray and for whom to pray. She is no stranger to extended hours of praying before the Lord as she leans her ear toward God to hear what he will say concerning the world.

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