The Roller Coaster of Life

Demetra Moore | September 16th, 2016
Demetra More

Demetra More

In your best days things are great, the perfect time for starting your business or taking your certification. The next day it seems as of the sky is falling and you can’t get a break. This period is what I call the roller coaster of life.

Many of us would like for our lives to be predictable and remain steady. But, storms exist for everyone and they can’t be avoided.

You don’t have power of the situations, but you do you have power over your responses. In most cases panicking is the first response, but understand it’s not your only choice. Panicking can cause you to walk away from situations feeling defeated. To better cope with the cycles of life understand everyone gets knocked down from time to time, but the important thing is to not get counted out.

If you would like to better position yourself during difficult times you will have to: Stay Focused- Be consistent in your drive and ambition toward your goals. Keep a list of your accomplishments. This kind of list will provide positive inspiration. Keep the big picture clear and don’t get absorbed in the mundane routine of life.

Be firm in your stance – Show confidence in what you are working toward. If you feel as though you can’t move forward, hold tight to your current position. Most importantly don’t waver because things didn’t turn out the way you planned.

Commit to your goal – Life will continue to have ups and downs. In each uncomfortable moment you have an opportunity learn something, but giving up is not an option. Take the lessons from each situation and apply to your repertoire of professional development.

Coping with the roller coaster of life can be tiresome at times. Most people don’t like being outside of their comfort zone. But take a minute compose yourself, and get prepared you have what it takes and lots of resilience.

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