The Winston Wildcats

by Terry Watson | February 20th, 2018
The Winston Wildcats

The Winston Wildcats

The Winston Wildcats are a professional indoor football team that began as an idea in 2015 from team owner Barry Marrow of the Carolina Aviators which is based in Concord, N.C. The guidance from Marrow and his fantastic staff made the first season possible for team owner Roderick Hinton. Through their efforts they were able to bring a fan loving product to the Triad.

Barry Marrow gives his time along with Coach Malichi King and Anthony Blenman to teach the skills of arena football to those who have only played outdoor traditional football. They have encountered many obstacles along the way, but those obstacles have become learning lessons for future years of play. In the team’s first year of play they had a successful season of three wins and five losses to build upon while playing in the American Indoor Football League (AIF). The members of the team travel to various counties around the state. Some players travel as far as Roxboro and Charlotte, NC to practice and play with the team.

As the Wildcats begin the 2018 season they will be adding Sammy Henderson as an additional coach. Henderson has a reputation of being one of the premier players of the arena football game. His knowledge and coaching style brings a new-found confidence to the team. This season will be played at the Winston Salem Fairground Annex. The team for the 2018 season is primarily from the Triad area, however there are some players signed to play from as far as Florida. As time progresses the Wildcats anticipate becoming a travel team.

It is the Wildcats mission to serve the community with pride and passion as a quality example of individual and team excellence on the field or within the community by consistently meeting fans expectations. “We want the fan base to enjoy seeing us play with a winning record and a product that is enjoyable on the field.”

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