There Is A Purpose In Your Storm

by Terry Watson | September 13th, 2018
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

Hawaii is a prime destination for tourist and vacationers. Made up of six unique islands, it is known for its abundant beaches, white sands, colorful landscapes, and beautiful weather. Hawaii is also richly embedded in cultures, which are complimented by delicious foods and traditions that date back hundreds of years.

Recently I learned that unlike other tropical islands and beaches, Hawaii isn’t subjected as often to hurricanes and other tropical storms. I found that to be quite interesting, especially because Hawaii sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The conditions are similar or just as other locations like Miami, Florida or the coasts of North Carolina, but the storms seem to stay away. And then life happened.

Earlier this year in Hawaii volcano’s began to erupt, spitting fiery, hit lava hundreds of feet into the atmosphere. The streets of this once peaceful place began to crack and buckle from the lava fires that were flowing beneath them. The calmness had been interrupted and it appeared to me that Hawaii was in its own kind of storm. Instead of pouring rain and 100 miles per winds, the disturbance came from below.

What had happened in Hawaii, was something that I see happen in my life as well. God loves me enough to allow me to enjoy peace. He blesses me with an abundance and gives me an opportunity to enjoy His blessings and showcase them to others. Still, God shows his love by allowing me to experience pain.  Though I may be in the path of a storm, I don’t always get wet. That’s mercy. And during the times when the storms do hit me, I can’t complain because God has spared me before and He promises to restore anything lost. That’s grace.

Through every storm and every trial, I have learned there is a purpose in my pain. There are also some pains that I must endure just as well. These occurrences must happen. Without them, my life would be nothing more than a fantasy or fairy tale, and useless to those who God has written in pages of my life. My storm is merely a formality, and my story is someone else’s door to deliverance.

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