There is Value in a Second Impression

by Terry Watson | May 6th, 2011
Terry Watson

Terry Watson - Editor

Quite often we hear that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. To some degree this statement is accurate. Living in a such a opinionated and judgmental society, the perception others have of us is generally established in our initial encounter. For many, reputations will proceed us and before we can prove ourselves, the book is closed and our hopes and dreams are diverted and seized.

The game of life is competitive. Just as athletes look for weaknesses in their opponents to give them an upper hand, our strengths and flaws are always under close observation. With this in mind, we must acknowledge that there is a lot riding on our first impression. After applying for a job, and if offered an interview, serious candidates are generally prepared. They arrive early and ask the good questions, and look the part because they really want the job. Their resume speaks for itself and their confidence is written all over their face. These preparations are made because they believe in “success at first sight”.

If we totally rely on a successful first impression then how can learn to pick up the pieces after failing. Most importantly who decides if we fail. Everybody has something good to offer. The challenge is realizing our value and grasping it. I personally understand the value of a second impression. I don’t always say the right things, and my path in life hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Because I serve a God of a second, third, fourth, and fifth chance, I am able to learn from my mistakes and work a little harder to get it right.

This is exactly how we must approach life and treat others. Nobody is perfect, and because we are human, we will make mistakes. Because someone prayed for me, I have benefited from second impressions. I have learned that God will put us in tough situations that will challenge our faith in Him. In order to grow, I understand that I must endure these tests and converse with God while doing so. How I react during these trying moments is just as significant as to why I am being tested. Someone is always watching us and our actions will influence the lives of others who will one day also, benefit from a second impression.

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