These Threee Words

by Terry Watson | November 13th, 2013
Terry Watson – Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

There are something’s in life that you can’t replace. This includes a mother, father, sister, brother and even a child. Last month my family and I celebrated the homegoing for my sister. It was a bitter sweet moment for me because I didn’t want her to leave but knew that where she is now, is a whole lot better than where I am. She doesn’t have to suffer the pains of her illness anymore, but instead is with God.

Usually the ones that we find it the hardest to say “I love you” to are the ones who need to hear it the most. I wish that I could have more time with my sister to tell her once again who much I love her. Love is a powerful thing. Love can cover a multitude of sins. Love can heal our pains, and it can help save someone’s life. If we never tell each other or express our love to one another, then what purpose does it serve.

I can’t change you and, neither can you change me. Loving you allows me to accept you for who you are. Loving you requires me to look past our differences and work towards solutions to make our relationships stronger and lasting. Not a single day will ever pass without me loving any of my siblings, my friends and those who help make my life what it is.

I encourage everyone to not wait until you lose a love one to show them how much they mean to you. Don’t wait until they’re sick and the outlook is unbearable or terminal. Let’s love each other through our challenges and differences.

Your sickness is my sickness because I love you. Your addictions and vises are mine also because I love you. Our healing starts with love. Our dreams are fulfilled with love. I can never say anything more meaningful to you than these three words. I love you.

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