Things Are Getting Better

by Terry Watson | October 23rd, 2012

Terry Watson – Editor

It’s time for our nation to elect a leader. I am sure I share the same pains as many others when it comes to the political circus that has taken place. I am not one of the undecided. I made my decision for president long ago. It’s the same choice I made in 2008, President Barack Obama. I support him and encourage every reader and supporter of Huami Magazine to do the same.

His challenger hasn’t did anything to convince me to change my vote. President Barack Obama has the toughest job in the land. He has accomplished a great deal with little or no support. I personally believe that our President has great ideas, and a clear and definitive plan for our country. No, everything that he promised hasn’t happened, but not because he lied about doing it. The challenge for him has been constant and unwavering resistance from his opposition.

We must vote this year, and it is more important now than in 2008. President Obama has brought our nation out of the ruins that former President Bush created. We are no longer fighting a war. Our troops are coming home. Jobs are slowly being created, but that is still progress. He stands for the rights of all citizens. President Obama represents the future face of the United States.

We are no longer just black and white. The United States includes Asians, Latinos, and any one else that can obtain citizenship and wishes to pursue the American dream. This is the land of free and President Obama represents the opportunity that everyone deserves as citizens. What impresses me more is the fact that even as he endures the senseless assaults, his character remains intact and impressive.

Our President has proven that he will go to bat for each of us. Let’s repay him by casting our vote for President Obama. Exercise your right and do your part to ensure that the United States of America remains a place where all citizens have the opportunity to prosper.
Things Are Getting Better

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