Tia Gray

by Terry Watson | January 19th, 2021
Tia Gray

Tia Gray

Are you made for this? That is a question that LaTia “Tia” Gray will help you answer. As the owner and founder of Make A Definite Effect LLC, her goal is to simplify the lives of others.

Tia is a native of Springfield TN. She is also a mother of two beautiful, and witty little girls. Tia is also a Sports Coach at heart, and certified life coach by trade. She is an author, radio personality and presenter, and host of “MadE in the Dugout”.

Tia describes herself as a small-town girl with global aspirations to connect people who look like her and support the Afro cultural history, presently, and its future. “I am an ideologist, visionary, and community driven entrepreneur. I am also known for networking and connecting small business owners and individuals with resources to grow personally and professionally,” she says.

Tia says that life and business are both a game and everyone must be trained properly on how to play. This can be done through guidance, strategies, and self-discovery. “As an author I write about how we are the coach of our own lives, and how our lives relate to sports. I assist others with understanding how to position people in their life, and understand their roles, and ultimately go all out for the win,” she says.

Her company, Make A Definite Effect LLC was created in 2019. Tia had a vision to inspire others and build a product that would expound on the importance of relationship building. While building her company, she discovered there was a lack of representation of black excellence. She also realized that her community was missing valuable life changing information. “As I set out to expose as many businesses as I could I picked up tons of knowledge to share with the small business owners. I determined that change was needed, and I would be vehicle that would drive the change,” she says. “The first thing I did was connect others with various resources to enhance and expand their businesses.”

Tia shares that it’s important for everyone to pass the “plate of knowledge”. “There is power in being your true self. I take pride in being a virtual connector for those inspired to change their lives and grow their businesses,” she says. “We offer full service virtual assistance to small business owners to help save them time and stay on top of task. This also includes strategizing ways to enhance our client’s creativity in their business through graphic content, funnels, QR codes, virtual business cards, and so much more.”

Like most businesses, Tia has faced some adversity. “I think going through the quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed me time to really set with myself and get a better understanding of the steps I wanted to take. Also, working with the youth in my community and learning how much information was not accessible to them has pushed me to learn and give what I never had. The work showed me talents I had inside that I never knew was there. Through adversity I have learned more about myself and tapped into the God and become more conscious of how I show up in the world,” she says.

Tia says she is inspired by her children, parents, and black “Afro” history. “if I don’t show up in the world, I know that it can delay someone else who was divinely designed to connect with me, from showing up,” she says.

Tia also offers some advice to others who may be on a journey such as hers. “Start with personal development. Do your research so that you will know if what you are doing is something you are willing to put the work in to complete. Do it scared if you have to and do not second guess yourself. Most importantly, ask for help if you need it,” she says.

Moving forward, Tia plans to integrate her coaching program with her books and radio show. She also plans to take big business steps to develop, monetize, and scale her business so that it can be more impactful for those that look to gain more exposure and enhance their business and talents.

If you are interested in ways to glow up before you blow up, send Tia a message and connect with Coach Tia, the Damage Control Empress. “Damaging Control By Connecting The Dots”.

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