Tifanie Rudd – God Did It Again

Ellen Richardson | July 19th, 2021
Tifanie Rudd (Photos by Santana B Photography)

Tifanie Rudd (Photos by Santana B Photography)

When you sit down and think about your career path, can you honestly say that you love what you do? Maybe you are someone who fell on hard times, which led to a criminal record. As a result, you are probably having a difficult time finding a good job. If either of these statements make you stop and think, then you have come to the right place. Allow us to introduce you to your fairy godmother – Tifanie Rudd. The Chief Executive Officer of M8D 2 Rise, Inc. uses her God-given gift and passion to restore and build the lives and self-esteem of individuals who have challenges in gaining competitive employment.

Before becoming a real-life hero for many in her community, this Guilford County native learned what was required to survive at a young age. “My work ethic is something I inherited from both of my parents. They taught me the importance of working hard. They both became entrepreneurs after years of struggle,” said Rudd. “To say that the struggle was real is an understatement.”

Watching her mom work so hard would eventually give rise to this self-professed people lover’s desire to help those in need. While this yearning began with a career in the nursing field, it would not be long before Rudd’s life plan changed. “I was on the job for about a year before I experienced what so many do in the world of advanced careers – envy and hatred for early success,” said the born philanthropist. Despite receiving awards, like employee of the month, Rudd lost her job and, in its place, was given a feeling that many of us might be familiar with – that feeling of losing a purpose. While this often takes many people down, this is where Rudd’s new life would begin.

“I have to admit that I did a lot of crying, but before long, I decided that I was done crying Fand ready to make my next career move,” said Rudd. After going back to school at Guilford Technical Community College, in 2004, Rudd began to see a crossroads turn into her new path. “After going back to school, I decided to get a degree in Psychology, and before long I was given the opportunity to participate in an internship program. The funny story about this assignment was that I was sent to a company that I really did not want to work for,” she says.

Like many confusing assignments that God may send to us, Rudd began to see the purpose for where her Heavenly Father sent her within a few weeks of this assignment. “The assignment was to work with people with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities, and I did everything that I could to get out of this type of work, but this didn’t happen, and before long, I realized why,” said Rudd. “During my time helping these people, I began to find my niche or my calling – to serve the underserved.”

As she began to learn the importance of “learning to love people right where they are” and how to become a voice for the voiceless, Rudd said that she could feel her spiritual pathway open right before her. This road would not only keep her working with a company that she was not even sure she wanted to intern for but would also lead to a bachelor’s degree in Ministry, in 2013 and a master’s degree in Christian Counseling, in 2015, from Grace Christian College. During this time of rising from the ashes, Rudd also had a new life-altering experience that led her to where she is today.

“I lost my brother,” said a saddened Rudd. “My brother struggled with crime in his life, and he was trying to get out of the streets. He was trying to stop getting into trouble with the law. He strongly desired change, however, due to his criminal history, he struggled to sustain a livable income, and his employment opportunities were very slim. He passed before having an opportunity at a second chance.” Despite losing her brother before helping him find his new path, the woman who was gifted with a spirit to serve began to use her latest loss to develop her own company.

Formed in 2011, M8D 2 Rise, Inc. is a supportive employment agency in which individuals with life barriers are assisted with gaining and maintaining competitive employment as well as God’s purpose for their lives. They currently serve multiple counties in North Carolina, including Guilford, Rockingham, and Alamance. They will soon begin serving Mecklenburg county. “God is doing it again,” Rudd says.

What exactly does this acronym mean? “M is for the Milestones in life, the number 8 is for the new beginnings that we receive each day, the D is for Determination and what should we all be determined to do? TO RISE against all that comes against us and tries to stop us from us from tapping into our inner strength,” said the woman who has risen above all that has tried to stop her from her God given purpose. “When we tap into our inner strength and into the support that is around us, the sky is the limit. I started to do this by helping a gentleman who reminded me a lot of my brother. Unfortunately, this young guy served 12 years in federal prison and just wanted a second chance.” Before long, Rudd’s newest company, which started in a garage, was helping people all over this community realize that no barrier is too big to use the power inside of you to rise above the circumstances to become all that God has created you to be.

According to Rudd, she has continued to become a successful boss lady in a man’s world due to the strength that God has given her as well as two inspirational mentors that never let her give up. “I have been blessed to have two incredible mentors. The first being Rev. Odell Cleveland who has continued to remind me to ‘fly higher when people throw attacks at you because people cannot get to an eagle’. The second is Greensboro City Council Member Goldie Wells, who always says ‘not to tell people where you tie your goat’ because when people know how to get to you, they will use this information against you.”

As her efforts to help others rise above all that tries to hold them back, Rudd has continued to expand this company to include services like life coaching and even a women’s ministry called M8d 4 H.E.R. Ministry. This born people person is also publishing her first book that is meant to help women learn that they can persevere above everything. The self-published novel entitled When the Tree Moves, will be released to the public in August.

Rudd is a mother of three amazing children and blessed to have five beautiful grandchildren. She is also a certified spiritual life coach and the founder and executive directive for the nonprofit M8d 2 Rise Eagles. She has been commissioned as Chair on the Status of Women Board (Women And Violence), and several other boards in Greensboro.

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