Tifanie Rudd & M8d2Rise

by Terry Watson | January 14th, 2016
Tifanie Rudd

Tifanie Rudd

Achievement requires action and that is exactly what Greensboro native, Tifanie Rudd has applied to her life. She is an accomplished spiritual life coach who teaches, preaches, inspires and motivates people on how to restore and build their lives and self-esteem. She has a very strong compassion for helping those who may have been ignored by others. She is the kind of person that understands that there is value in everyone, but not everyone is willing or patient enough to find it. She has received two awards, 2012 Women Who Care Award (From Pain to Purpose) and a 2014 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. honorary award that recognized her passion for helping the homeless community. In 2013, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in divinity and master’s degree in Christian counseling from Grace Christian College.

M8D 2 Rise, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Rudd. Her passion for helping others, especially those with special needs led her to start a company to insure the continued growth and success of all people throughout the Triad by developing services to support the education and preparation for the current and future work forces in the global economy. In return, she built an organization that operates with a proactive approach and that believes that everyone is capable of rising against all odds. Rudd says, “We believe that everyone in our community who desires support in gaining adequate employment should receive assistance.”

Their mission is to restore and build the lives and self-esteem of individuals who have challenges in gaining competitive employment. Doing this Rudd says her clients may maintain success, and confidence in who they are and what they can offer to the community. M8D 2 Rise, Inc. is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF is an international organization that provides accreditation services for health and human service providers.

Some of the services they provide are vocational assessment Information and resources, case management, career planning, career development, job preparation, job placement, job coaching, job retention, post placement support, personal development, personal/career advocacy, life skills training, life coaching, and entrepreneurial development.
In 2009, Rudd lost her brother, David Lee. She says he was a former offender and had reached out to her for help. “I felt compelled to help others like him because he believed that I could help him. Before he died, I felt like I did not help him enough so now I help others who have the same struggles as he did. He believed in me and told me that I could help him,” she says.

That experience is what drives Rudd to do all she can. She has been very fortunate to have others in her corner who shares the commitment as she does to serve people. Her husband, Montrell, she says has had her back from the beginning. He actually came up with the name M8D 2 Rise, however it was God she says who gave her the meaning of the name. Her spiritual parents, Dr. Clifton and Dr. Antoinette Sawyer have kept her and the business covered through prayer. “They have coached me along this journey and reassured me so many times,” she says. Alicia Streeter, her right hand and Chief Operating Officer made her presence as well. “She assisted me when I was teaching in a garage and we even held business meetings in my car,” says Rudd. She also thanks Valerie Udofia Brown for providing her with her first office and obtaining the necessary CARF accreditation.

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