Tiffany Davis

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Tiffany Davis (Photos by Mballenphotography)

Tiffany Davis (Photos by Mballenphotography)

Greenville, SC resident Tiffany Davis is on a mission to change the world with one of its most valuable commodities; food. She is the voice of a growing and popular blog spot, Feed Your Inner Chef whose platform focuses on educating its followers on wellness and eating the right foods to ensure a healthier lifestyle. She is also an African Health and Heritage Ambassador and provides interactive African inspired plant-based cooking demos to members of her community.

Tiffany officially started her business in January 2017. Prior to that she had completed numerous interactive cooking classes for nearly five years with a non-profit organization. She now offers a very distinct focus on chronic illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. From these roots she has been inspired to challenge the existence of these chronic illnesses with African diaspora food, flavor, and wellness. Some of the products and services available include Wellness Snacks and Subscription Food Boxes. They are geared towards anyone who seeks a lifestyle with healthier eating options. They are also designed for people wanting to empower themselves through food and culture. There are plans to expand services beyond their interactive wellness workshops that provide live and virtual cooking demonstrations.

“I am a community activist supporting and empowering women and others to discover and feed themselves with flavorful diaspora foods to promote wellness. I am also a contributing writer with Authentically You Magazine, SC Food Cottage Operator, and I instruct cooking classes at my local foodie store,” she says.

Through her Blogspot she plants seeds of thoughts and gives her followers nuggets of information to share in their own understanding. “I genuinely believe cooking is meant to be fun and creative. So, I will present food challenges, food reviews, food hauls, and whatever may peak my food interest,” she says. “When we feed the essential deepest parts of who we are we can and will see the power within us and make conscious and wellness life decisions.”

In the future Tiffany plans to provide a curriculum on her programs and participate in various speaking engagements. She will also offer online classes and connect with similar platforms to spread the message and benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through food.

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