Tiffany Draper

by Terry Watson | March 19th, 2020
Tiffany Draper

Tiffany Draper

Tiffany Draper of Huntsville, AL is not allowing any grass to grown under her feet. This young and beautiful lady embodies the absolute meaning of what ambitious means.

In business, and especially for those who are self-employed, it can be hard to get people to support you. Not having money or supporters can be tough for a business owner, however it’s during those tough moments, character is developed, and survival is dependent upon determination. This is what Tiffany Draper is all about.

She is an entrepreneur who is passionate about generational wealth and encouraging other black women. “As a survivor of many things, I want to reach as many women in the world and encourage them to love themselves and never give up on their life or dreams. I love people and I believe that God has called me to serve His people,” she says.

One of the businesses she owns is a women’s empowerment business, Tea With Tiffany. Tea With Tiffany is a platform she started to give women hope and to empower one another. “In 2016, I remember waking by a mirror and not recognizing myself. As a result of this I decided to write about it publicly on Facebook. Women from all backgrounds started to follow and write me. It was a coming to terms with myself kind of moment. I believe that you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to succeed in life, your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All these elements help to build your character. And so, in that same year of 2016, God gave me a vision to launch Tea With Tiffany. I started out writing posts on Facebook and trying to grow my audience through social media. Writing became second nature to me and from there the blog was birthed,” she says.

Another business owned by Tiffany is the event center, Studio 53. Opened in November 2019, it is available to meet the needs of anyone in the Huntsville area. Their spacious facility is capable of being the host location of parties, special events, and much more.

As if Tiffany hadn’t enough on her plate, she has found time to author and publish her first book, But She Didn’t Quit Though. “I wrote my very first book in September 2018. It’s basically an open letter to myself, apologizing to myself for how I mishandled myself. I was free from bondage after that,” Tiffany shares.
While there could several reasons as to why Tiffany pushes herself to do so much, it’s obvious she genuinely loves people and enjoys seeing them happy. Furthermore, she shares how the impact that her mother and kids have on her life, and the influence they have in her business. “My mom was a single parent and I remember promising myself that I would take care of her one day if I could. She sacrificed so much for my brother and I, and I knew I needed to be successful and show her that she had done a great job with us,” she says.

As a businesswoman, Tiffany draws strength from other people who have made it and reached back into their community. Like others, she hopes that will be her story as well.

Tiffany offers some advice to others who may have similar experiences, “Stay humble, and don’t quit! Quitting is not an option. God will never give you an assignment if He believed that you couldn’t handle it. Stay the course and most of all, trust God,” she says.

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