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by Terry Watson | August 5th, 2011
Tiffany Fuller

Tiffany Fuller (Photo by Jarvis Harris)

Dr. Tiffany Fuller has accomplished a lot over the years. She has earned Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate of Philosophy Degrees. She was a teacher and softball coach at Pumpkin Middle School in Lincolnton, NC where she led the girls softball team to their first conference championship. She has been an Assistant Professor at NC A&T for eight years, and she oversees her “Dance in Action” program at Washington Montessori School in Greensboro.

Although her life is quite busy, Dr. Fuller has found time to nurture and share her love for photography. As a young girl, Dr. Fuller always loved to be in front of the camera. But a trip to visit relatives in Hawaii would soon transform her love of photographs into a love for photography. While being photographed by a professional photographer, she became fascinated with the creative side of the craft. She enjoyed the challenge of finding a beautiful backdrop, a perfect pose, and the best lighting to make a photograph come to life. So in 2005, she created TMFPHOTOGRAPHY which has been a great success in its few short years of existence.

Dr. Fuller’s photographs taken during a trip to Brazil were published in a local magazine and other photographs were featured in a local college brochure. Recently, her wedding photographs were featured on a billboard in Greensboro. TMFPHOTOGRAPHY specializes in wedding photography. Summer is a busy season, as she typically books an average of 16 weddings during the wedding season. TMFPHOGRAPHY offers wedding packages that include engagement photographs of the couple, a bridal photo shoot, the wedding and reception. There is also the increasingly popular option of having photographs from the wedding printed and available for sale at the reception. Dr. Fuller says bridesmaids especially love this option because they can purchase professional photos of themselves, when oftentimes they never get to see the wedding photographs. In addition to wedding photography, TMFPHOTOGRAPHY does individual and family photographs, parties, family reunions, graduations, and other special occasions.

When asked what sets TMF PHOTOGRAPHY apart from the others, Dr. Fuller says timeliness and affordability. She starts working on the photographs right after the wedding because she understands that no bride wants to wait weeks or months to see her wedding photographs. She typically delivers photographs within one week after a wedding. She also offers affordable packages that should fit easily into the average wedding budget.

Dr. Fuller would like to thank her assistant, Shirley Benton for her time, professionalism, and patience.

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