Timothy M. Joe

by Terry Watson | January 19th, 2021
Timothy M. Joe

Timothy M. Joe

How does he do it? When artist Timothy M. Joe begins working on a blank canvas, that’s exactly what it is. A blank canvas. However, when he puts his tools down for the last time, the results are breath taking. It might can make someone to believe there is magic in his hands, or something magical happening with his brushes.

Timothy is a self-taught artist who raised in the rural town of Greensboro, Alabama. He is also a third-generation black angus farmer. He also holds a mechanical engineer degree of which he obtained from the University of Alabama. “People are intrigued that I am both a professional artist and an engineer,” he says. He now lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife and two children.

Officially, the name of his business is Timothy M. Joe Fine Art. “I produce Original artwork in oil, soft pastels, and watercolor,” he says. “I am Online Art Instructor, and I also sell commissioned art.”

Timothy shares that art is more than a hobby for him, it’s his calling. “I see beauty in common places. Everyday things that usually would not get a second glance can become beautiful works of art.
There is a message in every scene, whether it is a location, personal belonging, or building. I like to capture these scenes and put them on canvas. I paint to show my appreciation of what God created and share what He put in my heart. I am compelled to create art that has a soul. The soul holds our emotions and memories.,” he says.

For Timothy, art is what gives him purpose and provides an outlet to express himself. “There are so many beautiful subjects that should have a place on my canvas or any other painting surface. My mission is to capture these hidden treasures before time erases them completely. I am compelled to show the younger generation of how life was and raise appreciation of what is often overlooked,” he says.

Timothy’s love for art started when he was just four years old. He would sit in his families living room with crayons all over the floor, coloring on brown paper grocery bags. It wasn’t until his first-grade teacher saw his picture when someone else realized that he was quite the artist. Those words started him on a journey that has lasted a lifetime.

Naturally, Timothy has a love for art. “I love listening to the testimonies of my clients on what a painting means to them. I also love the commissioned art I receive. Commission is usually for a parent or memorial for a loved one. One example of a commission I did was for a painting of a white flower in the afternoon sunlight. My client picked this particular flower with her grandmother until her passing. Those are the paintings that stick with me for many years,” he says.

Timothy can see art in almost anything. He says that he is mostly inspired by the narrative in every scene that he paints. “Whether it comes in the form of an abandoned home that’s falling apart, family heirlooms, or landscape, I am able to make a connection. My role is to remain receptive and be ready to take a quick reference picture or sketch it in my art journal,” he says. “I love learning the history about my subject and gain the appreciation that helps me create meaningful art. Creating a beautiful painting is nice but painting the same scene with an understanding of the history is what I am after. I believe the backstory of my subject is just as important as the color I choose to paint.”

Understandably, art itself has impacted Timothy’s career as well. “The reception at my first solo art exhibit had the biggest impact to my art career. I created a body of work of historical landmarks near my hometown. Hearing all the backstories from the town people was amazing. These are the kind of experiences that keep me energized to make more art,” he says.

For other artists, or anyone who is headed on a similar journey that Timothy has, he offers some advice to you. “Find your artistic voice. There is an art style unique to every artist and there is a corresponding audience your work is meant for. Paint only what moves you, and always make that your top propriety, not money. You should also be visible. Don’t let fear stop you from making appearances at art shows. Trades shows offer a unique and greatly beneficial experience and discussing your art with strangers is a tremendous way to grow in your craft,” he says.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way artist maneuver in the art world, Timothy has pivoted and found new ways to stay relevant and busy. One way is conducting more online workshops. “I am at the point in my career where I have accumulated enough knowledge to share with artist of all skill levels. I want to help them avoid some mistakes I made and coach them to be the best artist they can be,” he shares.

To learn more about Timothy M. Joe, please visit his website.

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