Tisha Davis

by Terry Watson | May 21st, 2021
Tisha Davis

Tisha Davis

Tisha Davis is someone who does it all, or at least she will attempt to. What keeps her grounded are her duties as a mother to her daughter Soraya, and grandmother to Capri Nylahand Mila Giselle.

Currently residing in New York, the serial entrepreneur uses her natural love of people as a mechanism to bridge gaps and build relationships that lead to greatness. Tisha is the owner of Image Special Events LLC and Design Junkie Tees.

Launched in 2018 to be a vehicle for women to raise their voices through apparel, Design Junkie Tees is a custom T-shirt design that offers an assortment of apparel and products that include T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, hoodies, crop tops, polos, jerseys, sweatpants, aprons, hats, mugs, tumblers, pillows, cell phone cases, tote bags, mousepads, and more. And Tisha doesn’t cut any corners, as she incorporates top shirt brands such as American Apparel, Next Level, and Champion into her products. Additionally, Design Junkie Tees offers (Direct to Garment) DTG, Silk Screen, and embroidery services.

Design Junkie Tees is a proud licensed vendor of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, an organization that Tisha has been active with for 37 years. Tisha was accepted into the SCORE 2021 Minority Women’s Entrepreneurship Program, and hosted by the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

One of her newest business ventures is The CupDrippeth, a service-based business. Though still in the development phase, this is a drip marketing and wellness-based subscription service that targets, but not limited to, women’s business. This service helps business owners from the start-up to maturity stages (0-5 years) to market their businesses both on and offline and offers ways to assist women with establishing a healthy balance in their lives. Some of the features include mini-courses, access to the Facebook group, monthly live Zoom calls, and Interviews with marketing and wellness experts. Tisha says the content from The Cup Drippeth will address both product and service-based businesses and entail topics such as e-mail marketing, creating lead magnets, retargeting ads, segmenting content creation, and social media marketing. One-on-one consulting and ‘done-for-you services’ will also be available. “I’m excited about the launch and we will be beta testing soon,” she says.

Tisha has accomplished a lot in her life. With a zeal for education, she obtained a Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management at Eastern University. She also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Syracuse University. She has a Certificate in Events Leadership from Temple University, a Certificate in Graphic Design from Sessions College for Professional Design, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Essentials from Harvard Business School Online, a Certificate in EEO Investigative Training from Take Charge EEO, LLC, and is currently completing a certificate Entrepreneurship Acceleration program with Wharton University of Pennsylvania. She also possesses 35 years of professional experience in auditing, accounting, event planning, marketing, fund development, human resources, graphic design, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

In 2021, Tisha went full circle and expanded her entrepreneurial base to include marketing and wellness consulting. She consults primarily women on starting a business and marketing their businesses on and offline.

Tisha shares being a full-time entrepreneur has its benefits. “I love the autonomy and flexibility. I love graphic design, so I have fun with it. I also love the messages and e-mails I receive from happy customers. Those are the simple things that make me smile,” she says. She admits that she hasn’t got everything right as a business owner, but still offers some advice to those who may follow in her footsteps. “Go with your gut and seek wise counsel. You have to live with the decisions you make and learn to enjoy the rewards as well as the repercussions of them. So, make them yourself and don’t allow people to tell you what to do with your business. You are living this life every day. You breathe this air. It’s your struggle. Own it and figure it out. Find new people to learn from, and know there will be some people, you’re going to have to leave behind,” she says. “The first shirt I made in my business said, “Not everyone can go with you to the next level.”

As things move along in the future for Tisha, she plans to focus on the new subscription service, and marketing and wellness consulting. “I’m building a new brand and I hope to remarry one day and travel the world. I want to watch my grandbabies grow up and see what God has in store for me, I am going to enjoy life by taking it one day at a time,” she says.

To learn more about Tisha, please visit her website.

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