Tishawna & Ron Pritchett

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | July 17th, 2019
Tishawna & Ron Pritchett (Photos by Lechele Trent Jackson)

Tishawna & Ron Pritchett (Photos by Lechele Trent Jackson)

For as long as she can remember, Tishawna ‘Shawn’ Pritchett has been a fan of creating beautiful hairstyles. She’s spent years of studying how to care for healthy hair and how to educate others to do the same. Her salon, Shawn’s Hair N More opened in 2007 and has exciting news coming down the pike.

When she was barely a teen, the Virginia native would allow people to come to her home so she could style their manes. She became an assistant to a hairstylist in a salon at 16 which is also where she started her education in Cosmetology and obtained the practical aspect, and later began classes at a local community college that offered the theory of cosmetology. This was just the beginning of her career as a Beauty Professional.

As life unfolded, Shawn expanded her family, got married, and relocated across the country. For the next six years, while still doing hair, she explored other lines of work in the business office in the healthcare field affording her skills and education in leadership and project management. In 2002, her family decided to move back to Virginia and she picked up where she left off – in the salon. “When I came back, I worked two jobs – one in a business office and the other in a hair salon across the street,” says Shawn. She hustled to increase her clientele by passing out business cards to her coworkers and even had a website built to showcase her work and her services. She accomplished her goal and was able to leave her second job after a year of hard work to pursue her passion full time.

By 2007, Shawn’s growth allowed her to open Shawn’s Hair N More. The business has flourished so much that she plans to expand really soon. What sets Shawn apart from the rest, is that she has a heart for people and their overall livelihood. “My focus is assuring my client’s hair remains healthy but also they are able to pursue their purpose with beauty, grace, knowledge, and confidence,” she says.

Her salon offers a wide variety of services, including natural, relaxed, and color services focusing on healthy haircare and teaching the maintenance thereof as well as continuing education for beauty professionals, mentorship for those who need that extra guidance. There are coaching services for those who desire to go to another level and need that drive, direction, and accountability to get them there.

When so many women put value in their appearance, or regard what sits atop their head as their crown of glory, it’s imperative the stylist isn’t providing a one-size-fits-all experience. It’s equally important for the client to be educated in caring for their own locs. To further drive the practice, she wrote a book in 2017 entitled “31 Tips To Healthy Hair”. Shawn teaches this to the high school students she mentors and in the continuing education courses she offers. “There has been a lot of turn-over within the high school cosmetology program, possibly because many of them think it would be fun, or they just like to do hair. When it’s time to truly learn about hair and make a decision about doing hair, they’re not ready.”

Shawn takes her profession seriously and it’s no different with her mentorship program that teaches the fundamentals of cosmetology and business management/marketing. The program started after she received several requests from parents to allow their high school age children to shadow her in her salon. She has formed a partnership and relationships with other cosmetology schools and salons to bring a different level of teaching and empowerment to help with longevity in the beauty industry.

The sudden and overwhelming interests sparked ideas and prompted Shawn to create her nonprofit in 2012 called A Beautiful Lady Exploration Center aka The A.B.L.E. Center that helps women and families to know more, grow more and do more resulting in healthier and happier families. The ABLE Center went from being an idea to a resource center in 2014 where they have group topic based discussions called ABLE Conversations, training and mentorship that teaches life skills and advances individuals personally and professionally. This program is now offered to beauty professionals who were interested in keeping their businesses healthy and successful. This includes cosmetologists, nail techs, make-up artists, and barbers in the surrounding areas. “We help bring open conversations to help us as professionals maintain balance in life and business as well as keeping our businesses healthy,” she says.

The program offers a quarterly meet-up with a panel of beauty industry professionals to discuss the do’s-and-don’ts and things they’ve experienced as they were building their businesses. She also hosts the Beautiful Blessed ABLE Empowerment Annual Conference for those in all walks of life to come together and empower each other. With this year’s conference in the bag, it seems to be growing each year, despite the goal of maintaining the intimacy of it. “I want to make sure that I’m doing it the way God wants me to do it. I didn’t want to go by my own feelings and my own thoughts, and stay in his will,” Shawn explains.

The five-year plan Shawn has mapped out for herself and her business include a full training center and The A.B.L.E Center program serving the community at a larger rate so it can aid more people who need someone to walk through life with. It’s often difficult to face tough times alone, which is why Shawn provides life skills training, such as financial advisement, budgeting, health and well-being management, basic hair maintenance, healthy dating, dealing with grief, how to have those hard conversations and a host of other life-enhancing topics. Within the past month, Shawn celebrated the release of her quarterly success planner to help people to organize and bring balance to their life while tracking their progress ending each year with great results.

Shawn’s husband of 22 years, Ron, is a Godly man who has the same size heart as his wife. He pours into young men and pushes them to reach their next level. It’s fitting that he has a t-shirt line, Pritchett Menswear, that boasts powerful and encouraging messages. While he’s conducting business on the road as a truck driver, he’s empowering anyone he can reach. Ron also plans to touch at-risk youth by hiring them to train and work with his car detailing service, Pritchett Mobile Detailing. Saving young souls is his passion, one male at a time.

“We see a lot of young males getting in trouble in our area. Sometimes they just need encouragement from another man who has been through it and made it out,” says Shawn.

The Pritchett’s are a family that loves to build and strengthen the next person, help people know their worth, and find their God-given purpose. If everyone were this passionate and dedicated to their fellow man, our world would be in a much better place.

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