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by Terry Watson | July 19th, 2021
Titile Niamke

Titile Niamke

Titile Niamke of Memphis, TN, describes herself as a joyous person. She is a lover of God, a love that she expresses while helping and serving people, and making them happy.

The origin of her name, Titile is Ethiopian and means purified, while Niamke is Nigerian and means God’s Gift. She describes herself as a joyous person, a woman that lives with integrity and transparency. “I believe that whatever I consume on this earth, I must replenish it,” she says.

She comes from a large family and credits her father with having a significant influence on her life. She recalls a conversation she had with her dad, as he advised her to do whatever she wanted to do with her life. “My told me to not put any limits on my life. While my mother is very driven and stern, and that’s where my discipline comes from,” she says.

She is currently pursuing a marketing degree at Middle Tennessee State University. While attending school, she finds time to manage her company The Tea Bar 901. Her company produces teas, honey, and various skincare products that are infused with natural products. Her niche is listening to the needs of her clients and finding natural remedies to meet them.

Titile launched The Tea Bar 901 in 2016 while she was a student at MTSU. It all began in her college dorm. While doing some research, she came across a few herbs, such as lavender and camel milk. “I had never heard about these things before. I learned that lavender could help with anxiety, so I made a tea with lavender and was amazed at how it made me feel. I fell in love with the world of teas and natural healing. I began to wake up happy and eager to take on whatever life would throw at me. I was no longer depressed or anxious,” she says.

Titile began combining herbs to address different ailments. She was sure not to disrupt the tea’s integrity, so she used honey instead of sugar. She was able to connect with a local Bee Keeper who helped her learn the process of beekeeping. As Titile continued to work with her new “bee” friends, she also developed a love and respect for them. “I am a little nervous while getting honey from their hives. It can be noisy because there are usually thousands of bees moving at the same time. Yet, being able to care for them is a special and rewarding experience. Bee’s pollinate our plants and foods and work hard at doing their job. Understanding the role they play in our ecosystem has made me respect them even more,” she says.

The original name of The Tea Bar 901 was Divinity which means “of, from, or like God”. She shares that she named the company Divinity, because she believes tea and herbs are from God” Also, in the beginning, she wasn’t making a profit. She shares how she conducted more promotions and demonstrations than sales transactions. Now, The Tea Bar 901 is quickly becoming a recognized brand at local farmer markets and pop-ups in and around the Memphis community. Her next focus to increase the online presence for The Tea Bar 901, making her products accessible to anyone around the globe.

Some of the products sold by The Tea Bar 901 are raw and unfiltered honey, ginger honey, lavender honey, turmeric honey, herbal teas, bottled teas, flavored sea moss, natural skincare products made with natural products, and herbal oils.

Titile says helping others is what she loves most about her business. “Entrepreneurship is only a business entity, but not every business is designed to help other people. I understand that I can help others live a better life with the usage of my products,” she says.

Moving forward, Titile plans to continue to allow God to lead and guide her steps. She is also excited about introducing new products and making The Tea Bar 901 a household name. To learn more about Titile and her company, please visit their website.

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