Toccara Samuel

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2020
Toccara Samuel

Toccara Samuel

Toccara Lachell Samuel of Greenville, SC is a daughter, sister, aunt, and great friend to many people. She is also a licensed esthetician and founder of Exceptional Creations with Toccara LLC. Her company specializes in products for all natural hair growth and care, beard growth and care, skincare, and wellness. Additionally she has also served as a former Training Director for the Chick-fil-A food franchise.

Toccara says her love for entrepreneurship began in 2003 as she began working in the skincare and beauty industry in Aiken, SC. It was at Beauty on The Go, that is owned and operated by Jeanette Breeland. From there she spent years working for other companies such as Bath and Body works, Arbonne and Estee Lauder. She started Exceptional Creations with Toccara LLC in 2018 after finishing Esthetics school at the Academy of Hair Technology and obtaining her Professional License. She also owned and operated a spa suite from December 2018 until December 2019 at Cornerstone Studios in Simpsonville, SC.

Toccara currently freelances and travels with her services and product line. “Traveling and freelancing allows me to reach other states and areas, and hopefully countries,” she says. On top of being an esthetician and businesswoman, she sometimes speaks at colleges and other venues about entrepreneurship, developing positive affirmations, and creating a vision plan. She is a Life and Wellness Coach and advocate for Mental Health Awareness, Domestic Violence, and Suicide Prevention. Her advocacy was sparked from watching her biological mother battle those illnesses and from her own battles in those areas as well.

Toccara shares how diverse her product line is. “My products are all natural and vegan friendly. They were developed to help with all areas of needs ranging from hair care, skincare, beard care, and wellness. Most importantly, each item is developed and formulated personally by me. My hair growth oil was developed because of my own experience with hair loss and finding out this was a need by many people. I formulated it several times before finding the perfect combination of oils. From developing the growth oil and servicing male clients, I developed the beard oil. The beard oil helps with the health and the growth of the beard but is formulated with essential oils that are appealing to a man.”

Toccara also makes hair butter, hair moisturizer, beard balm, beard moisturizer, beard wash, skin care kits, body butters, soaps, wellness oil blends, and many other items and kits that are helpful to the human body and the environment. Her wellness blends help with pain and many other ailments in the body and are specially formulated for each client that orders them.

Exceptional Creations began with Toccara taking small steps. “I started with just 25 recipes and now I have close to 100,” she says. On of her top product lines are the skin care services for all genders and also beard treatments for men.

Being an entrepreneur has its perks. Toccara says she loves the fact that she is able to be exceptionally authentic and creative. “It allows me a chance to manage my own time and grow my business. As a child growing up, I didn’t understand my creative mind and why I was into so many different things. I found myself having a love for the arts and crafts. It all started to make sense in 2016 when I realized I could go to school and obtain a professional license that would allow me to be creative and not only help people, but also provide for and help my family,” she says.

She finds inspiration in her late grandfather Henry A. Samuel Jr. who also owned his own businesses until his heavenly transition in December of 2009. “He inspired me to push and never give up no matter what happens and that I can over come any battle in my life,” she says. The second person who inspires Toccara is her adopted mom, Christabell Fulmer who came into her life at the young age of six, after her mom passed away. “She taught me that it’s okay to be myself and to be authentic. She has loved me all of my life and cared for me like a mother should care for her child. She has taught me strength and showed me how to obtain every goal I want in life. I couldn’t ask for a better mother figure in my life,” Toccara says.

Like most small businesses, Toccara has faced her share of challenges. One for her was learning how to let the word “No” roll off her back without allowing herself to be discouraged. “The answer “No” is just the journey towards the “yes” that cam change your life. It’s not an easy journey to develop and grow a business on your own but it’s definitely worth it. I’m thankful for my sister, Rhonda Burgess for being in my corner at all times. She keeps me encouraged with my business.

The future surely looks bright for Toccara. Moving forward she plans to add more products to her product line, and branch out to other states and countries. She also plans to open up some new businesses locally.

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