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Dorjae' McClammey | July 19th, 2021
Toi Cage

Toi Cage

Let me tell you about Toi Cage. She is the owner of Sunflower Queen, a Natural Yoni care line located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With the help of her amazing daughters, she produces terrific Yoni products for women. Toni describes Yoni care as a dedication to women’s health and womb care, and the process of detoxing ones’ womb and vaginal area, ridding it of toxins that might cause odors and infections.

Growing up, Toi tended to overhear conversations about how women and men felt about their private areas. So while studying at the University of Notre Dame, she and a friend worked to find the perfect combination of herbs and plants to make them feel healthy and beautiful. Once she saw the results it gave her, Toi was inspired to turn it into a business and help other women feel beautiful inside and out, just like it did for her.

Sunflower Queen offers many products such as plant-based yoni detox pearls, vegan rose oil, steaming seats and stools, detox herbs, womb detox tea, yoni soaps, yoni gowns, and yoni pops. She also produces vegan yoni tightening gel, a yoni refresher spray, and a foaming wash is in the works. She also provides one-on-one yoni steaming sessions that can be performed in the privacy of her client’s home or in her office.

Toi says what she loves most about her company is providing products for women who embrace their sexual health and wellness. She also enjoys having open conversations that educate women and men about vaginal health. She shares, “Yoni care is not an offensive thing, it’s self-care.”

Like most small business owners, some challenges presented themselves while she was getting her business started. Toi decided to start selling her products during the Corona Virus pandemic; she was prepared to jump-start her business a couple of months before it hit and then had to stop everything. From having grand openings in stores to over 20 events over four months to push her product out, she had her hands full. All of the contracts she had obtained were now null and void, and the money she spent had to be returned. She was just about ready to give up when the opportunity arose to partner with Black Business Enterprises, which was able to help her receive great exposure for her business. From there, she turned things up a notch and changed her approach to doing business. She began providing informational sessions at vendor events, promoting her products and natural yoni care in general. To her astonishment, Toi was even invited to showcase her products at company events. Things were starting to look a lot better for this aspiring entrepreneur.

Sunflower Queen has become very accomplished and has been nominated for a few awards, such as the New Black Business of the Year award and Customer Service of the Year award. By her third month in business, she had already hit 13,000 dollars in sales and celebrated by partnering with a Doula, delivering prenatal yoni care packages to women in her community. Toi has even had the mayor of Minneapolis inquire about products for his wife.

Her testimony proves that Toi Cage is a true hardworking hero.

“I started as a 15-year-old mother, and it wasn’t until my daughter entered college and started her own business that I decided to move forward and stop being scared. I think that’s what pushed me. I am happy to have a friend that was already dabbling in chemistry. Once my daughter told me ‘mom you’ve taken care of everybody for so long, why don’t you have your own business?’ I thought about it. I’ve taken care of my family, survived divorce, and felt like I couldn’t let her down. When I finally started selling my products, she was my biggest cheerleader,” she says.

The future for Sunflower Queen is filled with amazing opportunities. Toi has received an offer to open up space in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, but she is going a step further by finding her own storefront location. So keep an eye out for all of the new products and services she has planned. The partnership with a full-time Doula should produce even more exciting products that will roll out to hospitals, ob-gyn, and wherever prenatal care is sold.

Until then, all Sunflower Queen’s products are available online, in-store at Storehouse Grocer in St. Paul Minnesota, and the Wellness Lounge in Uptown Minneapolis. To learn more about Toi and Sunflower Queen, please visit their website.

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