Tomorrow Promises A Second Audition

by Terry Watson | March 11th, 2015
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

“If you don’t start none, then there won’t be none!” This affirmation has been announced in many of life’s arenas. This is also the thought that comes to mind when I try to understand why some individuals achieve and why others do not. If we never try anything different or even slightly more difficult than what lies in our comfort zone, we ultimately rob ourselves from experiences that can enhance and make our lives more interesting. It is also just as important for one to finish what we start, because the true lesson and message may not be revealed until the journeys’ completion.

As I look forward and continue to dream about the future, I can only reflect on where I came from. My life at times can sound like an old gospel song. “I’ve had hills to climb, and battles to fight. There have been good times and a whole lot of bad ones as well, but through it all…” like I said, an old gospel song. However the most important thing that stands out in my memory is how I never stopped dreaming. Not every dream has come true and some probably never will, but the true blessing is having the ability to dream and the wisdom to act towards fulfilling them.

I think one of the reasons why most individuals don’t dream is because of our fear of failing or being rejected. Rejection can be painful and tear away at our ego. Yet, rejection can also afford us an opportunity to grow from the experience. I believe that God is also watching to see how we respond. Will we sit and wallow in our mess, or get over it and dream on. It all comes down to how determined and how bad do we really want it.

If your goals or aspirations do not work out the first time, don’t fall to pieces. Everything will be fine because tomorrow is the first day of your second audition. You may have stumbled or forgot a line during your first one. That’s fine. Change your delivery but don’t change your mind because dreams are a gift from God and will only become a reality if we see them through from conception to completion.

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