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Tonya Tolson | January 17th, 2019
Toni Watson (Photos by Kimie James, IYQ Phogtography)

Toni Watson (Photos by Kimie James, IYQ Phogtography)

Toni M. Winston wears many hats—digital media strategist, brand coach, author, blogger, corporate worker, wife, and mom. Some might wonder how she manages to do it all or encourage her to take one thing at a time, but Toni has no intentions of slowing down or scaling back. She believes that many people, herself included, work better by staying busy on a number of projects. In fact, she refers to herself as a Multi-Passionate Creative. “It’s okay to navigate the world working on several interest sequentially or simultaneously. But the goal is not to just be “busy”. We want to accomplish things.” Moving into 2019 Toni is shifting her focus from being busy to creating an atmosphere, for herself and her clients, of productivity and profitability.

Affectionately known as Ms. Toni Moni or “girl Toni” (since she and her husband both share the name, Tony), she was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia where she attended John Marshall High School and Virginia Commonwealth University. Toni also earned an Event Management Certification from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. For over 24 years she has worked in corporate America which she feels has equipped her with effective leadership, strategy planning, project management, and communication and organizational skills—the very skills she uses in her entrepreneurial endeavors and with her clients.

Toni began her entrepreneurial career with an event management company called Memorable Moments and Events where she planned social, corporate and religious conferences and events. It was during a client meeting that she was asked to describe herself as a color and an animal, Toni chose the color pink because it was cute and a squirrel because sometimes, she was just all over the place working on different things. For those that chuckle, Toni reminds them that even squirrels have a backstory. “To a casual observer squirrels may appear to be all over the place, but they are actually gathering and storing up for times of need.” She says there are a couple of lesson to be learned here for entrepreneurs who are overly concerned about what people say. “First, having goals is the key to your success. Secondly, doing what works best for your brand and your business may not look smooth or logical. But when you do the work that needs to be done, your productivity will pay off.”

Not long after, Toni along with two girlfriends, appeared on the Dr. Oz show tasked to drop two dress sizes in 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, Dr. Oz requested she blog on his website and share, inspire and coach others towards their weight loss goals. This allowed her to blog on a national platform and helped to kick off her blog ‘Follow the Pink Squirrel’—covering a variety of topics and a behind-the-scene look at her life.

With topics ranging from weight loss and meal prep to gardening, readers can find a topic that relates to their lives. No matter the topic at hand, Toni always circles back to goal setting, following dreams and overall mindset. She has followers from all walks of life and is confident that her strategies can help anyone create a roadmap for their own life.

She credits her family as her strength and for being a source of inspiration. Toni hadn’t set out to become an author, but it came about through a conversation with her then, four-year-old daughter. While at a doctor’s appointment, her daughter, who talked about wanting hair like that of her classmates said, “But mom my hair is fuzzy”. To which Toni replied, “But your hair is cute”. With that one conversation the poem “My Hair is Fuzzy, My Hair is Cute” was composed on Toni’s then blackberry.

In 2014 Toni secured an illustrator which took “My Hair is Fuzzy, My Hair is Cute” from a poem to a full-fledge children’s book. She learned the ins and outs of self-publishing so that she would be prepared to publish her own materials and assist others when the time was right. ‘My Hair is Fuzzy’ would later become a 2015 Best Seller in Children’s Books on Amazon.

Her next book ‘Caroline’s Hair’, is scheduled to be released in 2019. This writing was born out of her daughter stating she wanted hair like that of her classmate named Caroline. Although children’s books have been Toni’s niche, she is looking to expand her audience and will soon release another project, ‘21-Day for Moving You from Vision to Victory’ which will focus on goal setting, action steps, and success mantras.

As if she wasn’t already busy, Toni also specializes in digital media creation which includes brand coaching, website enhancements, social media marketing, and more. In this role, she takes her client’s current brand and moves it to the next level by helping them gain brand clarity and online visibility. “You improve your social media presence by first, clarifying your goals, setting a strategy and creating content. That’s where I come in. I help my clients define those goals, build the strategies and refine those processes which leads to amazing content and success,” she says.

Having this strategy to be successful for so many of her clients, Toni created her signature Victory Board Events. “That is my mission, to take clients from Vision to Victory. It’s a vision board on steroidsm,” she says. The workshop assist her clients with creating a road map to chart goals and dreams. The vision board process paired with practical application, goal setting and mindset applications propels their vision board to a “victory board”. Combined with additional one-on-one or group coaching, Toni is able to develop a plan that is able to point them in the right direction.

For those who may have a road map or vision board in place but not active, she offers a ‘Resuscitate Your Vision’ session to help bring it back to life. It is done by revisiting concepts taught in her other sessions, intended to help clarify someone’s focus and reengage their efforts. All of her services are available for presentations at Girls Night Out, church groups, and social clubs.

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