Tracey Hardney Scott

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2018
Tracey Hardney Scoot

Tracey Hardney Scoot

Tracey Hardney Scott, aka “RawSilk” is an award-winning author, noted orator, and radio/television personality. She has been a devoted wife of nine years to Randolph Scott, and mother and grandmother. She is also the eldest child of Thomas and Sandra Hardney.

Tracey is a native of St. Albans Queens, New York and was raised in the Brownsville and East New York section of Brooklyn. She is a graduate of South Shore High School and an Alumni of Grambling State University. Tracey began writing short stories and poems at age 11. She self-published and released her first book “The BS Theory Embracing the Gift of Woman’s Intuition” in 2016, which delivers a bluntly honest high energy message informing woman how to eliminate the “BS” in their lives by utilizing their gift of “Women’s Intuition”. This Summer she will release part two of the series “They Will Stop Feeding you BS if you Stop Providing the Spoon”. Both books contain true life stories that readers will be able to relate to.

In 2009, Tracey was asked to be a guest host on the Enliven Internet Radio Show on the Legacy Internet Radio Station. The listener’s response was so positive that I was given the permanent co-host chair by Mr. LP. Steve Sykes. Later that year, as a result of my passion for social justice and change, I created, produced and hosted my own television talk show “Sista 2 Sistah Can We Talk?” The show debuted on Comcast 95 and Verizon 96 and is currently in its sixth season. In addition, Tracey co-hosted the RULZ Relationship show created by Coach Ellis Crum for two seasons. It aired on the Cox Network and locally in the Richmond market.

“I have always had a entrepreneurial spirit. I caught the event planning bug from my grandmother Anne Boatwright at an early age and eventually launched my first company Le’Aviance Events in 1997,” she says. Tracey is the Chief Operations Officer for the Gridiron Developmental Football League, a Pro-Development league, and manages the daily operations and oversight of 100 pro-development football teams. The league has successful placed athletes the NFL, leagues in Germany, and Brazil. She is the first woman to be inducted into the GDFL Hall of Fame.

“I never envisioned myself as a career employee. Entrepreneurship was taught in my home growing up. I remember starting a small event planning business in high school called ‘Lasting Impressions’. I have coordinated parties and events for classmates and I’ve always believed that events should be memorable and affordable” she says. Because Tracey has always been a talker and researcher, a career in media is a natural fit.
Tracey is the founder of The Restoration of the Queen, a 501C3 Corporation that empowers and educates women of color. They host an annual Queens Ball to celebrate unsung Queens in the Richmond community.

The parent company for her business is BossLand Inc. It holds Le’Aviance Events, the RawSilk brand and Tracey under its umbrella. The products and services offered by Tracey are books, t-shirts, and more. Tracey has served as a motivational and keynote speaker, and she is also a Event Designer, and mentor.

The freedom that her business allows is what Tracey loves most about her business. “I am free to follow my passion and whether I fail or succeed, I get to learn through the trials and errors and write my own success story. I love the people I have encountered and understand that I have a stake in their success,” she says.
Her husband Randy has been her greatest cheerleader and supporter. Her first book sat dormant for many years in a box in the closet on a shelf. It wasn’t until years later when she met her husband. He encouraged her to publish her works. “Outside of his support I would say Steve Sykes of Enliven Radio who gave me my first radio opportunity and Leroy Wilkens of Karamel Entertainment who has mentored me in media and presentation in front of the camera. I believe anyone we encounter deposits something that we can utilize for growth some people are here for a season and others are meant to be roots we must learn to know the difference.

Moving forward Tracey plans to continue to grow her brand, domestic and internationally. She’s currently writing three new books whose focus is to drive home her mission of restoring the Queendom in society and encourage the black community to take a progressive step towards dismantling oppressive systems.

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