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Junios Smith | July 16th, 2018
Tristan Jackson (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

Tristan Jackson (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

Tristan Jackson may not have gone the conventional route, but it suits him just fine.

Jackson is a Master Barber at Born 2 Style Barbershop and Hair Salon in Greenville, S.C. Before coming to Born 2 Style, he previously worked at Sporty Cutz Barbershop and First Class Barbershop.

For Jackson, this was the opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill a dream he had ever since he was a child. “I got intrigued watching barbers cutting hair when I was younger,” Jackson said. “Most people around my age were more into video games, but I was mesmerized by the movement of the clippers and the smell of talcum powder. Both sparked my interest in becoming a barber.” They have also transformed Jackson into one of the premier and highly sought-after barbers in the Upstate region.

A native of Greenville, Jackson graduated from Woodmont High School in 2006 and later transitioned to Benedict College in Columbia, about 90 minutes away from his hometown. After one year at Benedict, Jackson knew there was another calling upon his life. “I began to focus my heart towards doing something else,” he says. “It really started with watching my mother work two and three jobs. I saw her hustle and that made me want to hustle just as hard as she did. Even more, this was pretty much my only option. I was in a situation where I couldn’t get a nine to five. I worked a job at a manufacturing plant for a little while, but I really wanted to make things shake for myself. I have always had an entrepreneurial mentality and never grasped the idea of working for someone other than myself,” he says. As life would happen, so would things for Jackson as well.

Though he had been cutting hair for quite a while, he would be certified as a professional barber in 2010, starting at Sporty Cutz shortly after. “I had cut hair while in high school and college,” Jackson said. “When I first began, I had a small, yet devoted client list who followed and supported me. During Football, Basketball, and Stepteam season, there were a lot of players who hit me up. I received a lot of positive feedback from those services and it encouraged me to push myself even more.”

“Being an entrepreneur is more so an investment in yourself,” Jackson said. “You get out of it, what you put into it, so if you’re really interested in entrepreneurship, you have to be wholeheartedly committed. It’s getting up knowing what you must do to put things together, but you also have more freedom. From a financial standpoint it can be difficult, but you make your own schedule and can take a vacation whenever you like. Ultimately, you’re working for yourself and that is always a blessing.”

Throughout the Greenville and Spartanburg area, Jackson is known as “MRA1KUTZ”. This title itself represents who he is as a barber, and what Jackson strives to be in his chosen profession. “I try to bring a level of professionalism to my craft. It’s like going to the doctor’s office — you can’t just go in there, you must set an appointment. I believe most barbers should do the same thing. The reason why I charge extra for early and late sessions is because you’re not only paying for the services, you are also paying for my time as well,” he says.

Some of the services offered by Jackson include those for adults and kids such as design haircuts, shape ups, and more. He also offers VIP services and on-location services which include “house calls” and hotels. His advances services, which are geared towards those who seek a more detailed and personal experience, include Thermal Scrub Therapy Treatments, Scalp Exfoliation, Neck and Chin, Alaskan Mask Facials, Beard Luster Wash, and Hydrotherapy Bald Treatments.

Jackson plans to increase his line of available services while continuing to make the MRA1KUTZ brand a household name. He is aware of the constant change in the barbering landscape, still he believes that by being a trailblazer and staying in tune with the needs of his clients, he will also be successful. Though barbering has become a popular and crowded profession, Jackson has distanced himself by utilizing the one skill his chosen trade needs more than anything. Professionalism.

Contact Tristan Jackson today and allow him to change your barbering experience.

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