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Tawanda Blake | March 12th, 2016
Robert McKiver

Robert McKiver

Robert McKiver is the founder and CEO of The Gent’s Life, a division of The Antonio Robert Group. Robert established The Gent’s Life in 2011 to help other designers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors market and grow their businesses, as well as their personal sense of style and demeanor.
Robert’s passion is helping people integrate fashion, public speaking, blogging, e-mail marketing, social networking, and social media into the growth and prosperity of their businesses. He has a talent for teaching people how to cut through all the noise and just do the things that matter. And for people who don’t have the time or interest to do it for themselves, Robert does it for them.

Robert has always had a love for things that were neat and orderly. Being a true Leo, he combined his love for a well-tailored suit with his love and passion for helping others.

Robert’s clients range from well-known and well to-do, life and business coaches, fellow stylists, trainers, seasoned public speakers, freelance independent consultants, artists, entertainers, and authors. He has worked with clients in many different states in the United States as well abroad.

The Gent’s Life was formulated to make a difference. Robert believes the world needs more people avidly pursing their passions and dreams. For Rob, success comes when his clients are as delighted with his work as he is, although his path hasn’t always been so clear. First starting out, he attempted to project the “right” professional image at all times. Though professionalism is important, he believes that people prefer to do business with “real people”. Familiarity, a touch of whimsy, and an insatiable appetite for the betterment of others all encompass what The Gent’s Life stands for.

Though he lives, works, and plays in Morrisville, North Carolina, he loves to collaborate with professionals, consultants, and innovators everywhere. If you ever meet in person, remember he has an exploitable weakness for salad and breadsticks from a certain place that shall remain nameless.

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