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by Terry Watson | September 14th, 2015
Raking Allah (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Raking Allah (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

He describes himself as a self taught artist whose talent was realized as a child. As early as the fifth grade, Raking Allah says he used to draw comic book characters in his spare time and was once asked by his school teacher to direct his class on painting a mural for a school play.

Today Raking is known in the art society as The Soul Controller and owner of TSC Airbrushing And Signage (THE SAGA CONTINUES). His skill sets has advanced as well. He is a Professional Airbrush Artist, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Content Creator, and Community Activist. TSC offers an exclusive line of Airbrushing services, Illustrations, Graphic Design, Fine Art, 3D Animation, Dye Sublimation, Heat Transfers, Signs, Banners, and Murals for windows, cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Raking grew up in the suburbs of Jamaica Queens, in New York City. He started drawing and painting graffiti at 12 years old while at an art school, after his parents enrolled him.

In the summer of 1993 while living in Greensboro, N.C. he met Truth Born Allah and says he enlightened him to understand “the knowledge of my self”. This had a profound effect on his life as a young man, says Raking.

Raking says he was inspired by his family members and art mentor who also happened to be a graffiti artist. Eventually his parents decieded to move to Greensboro in the mid-eighties and the rest is history.

He has five brothers and four sisters who have similar connections to art. His biological father was tragically blinded when Raking was a child in New York. “He was self employed and taught me about business ownership and how they operate,” he says. His mother is a church musician and a seamstress who designed her owned clothing. His oldest sister is also an artist and seamstress.

Raking says he loves being an artist. “Art is all around us, everywhere in the universe.,” he states. Being an Innovative and a Creative Content Professional, he admits only compliments what he has grown to love.

TSC has been able to thrive only because of his focus on satisfying each and every customer. “Customer satisfaction is very important to the growth, developement and longetivety of my business,” says Raking. Even still he is faced with the normal challenges that most businesses face such as upgrading equipment, which can effect distribution and production prices.

Raking says self inspiration and motivation is very important to him. He is also inspired by past and present artists like Romare Bearden, Frida Kalo, Basquait, Dali, Tats Cru Nyc, TSK Designs-(Infinite Allah), Andy McGruder, Carl and (Boondocks).

Raking says he strives to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs and business owners. He beieves their success lies within global networking, consumers and producers, and how effective they are able to connect with each other using today’s technology.

He has also been teaching free art classes to young children in Greensboro for the past two years, using his talents and gifts to inspire through art therapy. He is the president of Youth Empowerment Society Inc., a non profit organization whose focus is to mobilize and mentor young people in economics, education, employment and entrepreneurship.

He is also the parent of two beautiful teenagers, Kaseem and Nyasia. Both have exhibited leadership skills that is derived in art. In the future, Raking hopes to open a new Airbrushing and Signage store, teach art, and expand his business by networking with like minded entrepreneurs. Currently he has three comic books that are finished and in the marketing phase.

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