Tushundra Owens

by Terry Watson | March 19th, 2020
Tushundra Owens

Tushundra Owens

Tushundra Owens of Huntsville, AL describes herself as an imperfect woman who is striving to be the best she can be. “I’m a loving person. I love to laugh and goof off. I’m also head strong and I’m handy with my hands,” she says. “I love taking things apart and putting them back together. That’s the engineer in me. Besides that I love to travel, read, listen to music, and write.”

Tushundra is always discovering different parts of herself, likes and dislikes, and what she is willing to compromise on and what not to compromise.
She utilizes all of her s2kill sets and talents to assist with running her business, My Beautified.

My Beautified began in the Fall of 2018. The idea to start her business came while she was writing and praying to God.

“Honestly I was at place where I was battling low self esteem. As a result, I would study scriptures about confidence. I would also read books and search Youtube videos on low self esteem and confidence. There was one particular woman on Youtube, Lisa Nichols who talked about what she went through with her son and her son’s father. I remember her explaining this exercise where she intentionally looked herself in the mirror everyday and said something positive about herself. At first I thought, yeah right, what’s that going to do? I decided to try it. That was a hard for me to look at myself in the mirror and try to believe what I positively said about myself. As time passed it got easier. Through those affirmations, God gave me the idea of putting together a beautified event and that’s how My Beautified was formed and got started.

Tushundra says she strives to always be authentic as a business person and author. “Writing gives me the freedom to vent, express my feelings, and express my gratitude while being free from judgement. When I write it’s between me and God, unless He prompts me to share. Writing in different seasons of my life. It took me possibly four years to complete my book. So in those four years my seasons changed. What I did differently in year one when I started writing, I did differently in year four. As my life changed over the course of those four years, the authenticity of my beliefs changed. I had to make sure that was known,” she says.

While God has impacted her life and career the most, she acknowledges her mom for being the driving force in her life. “Her selflessness, strength, and work ethic always amazes me. I’m always fussing to her about slowing down and taking breaks. But nonetheless she amazes me.”

Tushundra offers some advice to those who may follow in your footsteps. “Be yourself. Only you are good at being you. Set your own tone. Add your own twist to things. That’s when you create the most amazing and beautiful things.

Moving forward Tushundra has a few projects in the works. She has started designing her own journal. The design is complete and has to go through the publishing process. She is also coming up with ideas for the next Beautified event, which she anticipates will take place.

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