Tyler Young

by Terry Watson | September 11th, 2012
Tyler Young

Tyler Young (Photo by Tyler Young)

At just 16 years old, Tyler Young is honored to be the first African American vice president of High Point Christian Academy. As the son of a minister (Bishop Terry Young), he has always led a life of leadership amongst his family and peers. While his future appears to be very promising, he says there is nothing more meaningful than his relationship and faith in God.

“My father being a pastor, the Lord’s word has always been a pivotal element in my upbringing,” he says. When he was eleven years old, Young recalls attending a service at his fathers church. The lesson being taught focused on the consequences of sin. “Primarily eternal damnation struck a chord,” he says. “The thought of being forever isolated from loved ones and the Lord and the torture that would accompany it literally put the fear of God in me, and in that moment the importance of salvation truly hit me.” Since that day, Young says he has learned to appreciate his faith and its aspects more than merely the consequences of sin.

His father instilled in him Christian faith and exhausted himself to provide through his ceaseless work, never mentioning his own personal wants and needs. “He has taught me many lessons vital to the development of a young, Christian, Black male that I would otherwise be deprived of. He’s always potrayed the role of a great father, one that he never had,” says Young.

Young says he wishes to set an example with his lifestyle. “No matter who you are, there are no boundaries that can restrain you. I want to be an exemplification of how it’s possible to attain your goals in this world and enjoy everything that God has placed in it without having to conform to the world’s standards, and without sacrificing who you are or your passions,” he explains.

Since registering with College Board he has received countless letters from various colleges. Young is entertaining different options, abut he is yet to decide where he would like to further pursue his education, or what he would like to major in. “It’s something I will have to continue to pray about, and trust that God will lead me where he needs me, and where I can prosper,” he says.

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