Typh’s Braid Creations

by Terry Watson | January 14th, 2016
Typh’s Braid Creations

Tiffany Poles and daughter Jiyah Nashay

 Tiffany Poles has magic in her fingers. For the past two years, she has owned and operated Typh’s Braid Creations, a full service salon that promotes healthy hair and versatility while servicing a diverse market. They are located at 7146 East Independence Boulevard, Suite-D in Charlotte, N.C.

Two concepts they stand on that supersede just the ability to braid, are creativity and neatness. Poles has always challenged herself by thinking outside the box and breaking the norms of her own original creations. Giving clients something different, creatively unique and making them feel special is very important to her styling team.

With 16 years of professional experience as a hair stylist, by expanding her skills as a braider, it has helped to make her salon one of the best in Charlotte. “Braiding has given me the opportunity to do amazing things and meet amazing people. I’ve been honored to braid celebrities such as Trina Braxton, singer and reality TV star of “Braxton Family Values”, Dutchess, model and reality TV star of “Black Ink” and Trinity from “WWE Total Divas,” she says. Her star studded list also includes children of NFL and NBA players.

Being self-employed is one of the things that she says she loves most about her career. Besides the opportunities to meet amazing people, it also comes with independence within her life. Poles also says it gratifying to sit back and see something grow simply from her nurturing it. When she first opened her salon, she only did braids. Now it has flourished into a full service salon.

She says she is mostly inspired by her daughter, Jiyah Nashay, who also exudes a faith that will not allow her to settle. She states that her clients and supporters inspire her to keep going. “Their feedback and the look on their faces after being serviced reminds me of why I started doing this in the first place,” says Poles.
Typh’s Braid CreationsTyph’s Braid Creations
There are no limits to her creativity. She has a gift that allows her to express herself and change people’s lives and how they feel about themselves. She also says there have been times when she didn’t know how to say ‘no’ and realized that she was putting others before herself. It was during these moments that she realized the difference between those who are loyal, and those who are just along for the ride. “Sometimes people will come around just for the perks and benefits and not genuinely for the growth and development of my business. I had to learn how to distance myself from those situations. The success of Typh’s Braid Creations depends on it,” she says.

In the future Poles says she plans to take over the world. She hopes to open a braiding academy to share her technique with others. “I would like to leave a legacy in the hair styling industry for braiding with my very own stamp on it,” she says.

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