Tyreik Summers

Yasmine Regester | March 19th, 2020
Tyreik Summers (Photos by TMFPhotography)

Tyreik Summers (Photos by TMFPhotography)

Local painter and sketch artist, Tyreik Summers wants to create a strong connection in the community using art. As someone who has participated in and taught arts programs in the community, he wanted to find a way to give back to the community.

“I want to build a platform that brings a spotlight to local artist and give them a chance to showcase their talents. I want to bring more value to the art world in Greensboro through community projects, art shows, and pop up shops. I would also like to empower the local artists, and allow artists to grow and learn from each other,” Tyreik shares. In the future, Tyreik will be offering art classes for the youth and for adults at Studio 203 on Summit Avenue in Greensboro. Tyreik explains that he wants to take his own approach to instruction, making the classes more interactive. Youth classes will be offered to middle school/high school students and the adult classes are for college students and older. T yreik hopes to partner with community youth programs, churches and non-profits to engage art class participants.

“My main focus is to teach you effective techniques through demonstration. I don’t want to teach people to draw what I draw or to draw like me. I want to bring out the creativity in every student. I will Guide the artist as they improve their skills while giving them full control of every step in the process.”
Although he has taught arts classes before, this will be his first solo coordinated course, that will consist of multiple sessions. Tyreik says he feels strongly about sharing his story and passion for art with other people.

“Growth starts once you leave your comfort zone. You have a right to embrace your passion. You’re your actions can change your situation. Everyone has a Story, I’m here to help you tell it,” says Tyreik.

Tyreik says he welcomes students of all levels into his classes, and the more diverse, the better. “Engaging with other artists and their styles provides different perspectives and gives more meaning to the whole movement. The different back stories, the different styles. Even for me. I can’t draw everything. I’m always learning something new when it comes to art.”

Born and raised in Greensboro, N.C., the 26 year-old is fluent in various mediums such abstract, oil paints, watercolors, acrylic paints, graphite pencils, charcoal and pastels. Art always came natural to him, says Tyreik. Growing up, he would spend hours carefully studying the talent and drawings of his biggest inspiration –- his father.

“I was always inspired by my dad as a kid. I would watch him sketch. That inspired me to go that extra mile to really learn how to draw as well as he did,” says Tyreik. Although his father is not a professional artist, it was his father’s hobby -– a talent that he passed down to his son.

“I always had a creative mind, ideas constantly popping in my head and one day I pick up a pencil. Now I can’t stop, always challenging myself through different mediums, techniques and styles. I really just fell in love with it. It was very therapeutic to me. Something that starts as an idea in your head, then comes to life on paper, it’s an amazing sense of accomplishment,” says Tyreik. “I feel a sense of peace when I’m creating art. I feel free. It’s just my world.”

The budding artist has also created various custom pieces from family portraits, landscapes, cartoons, sketches, and completed a wall mural at a Greensboro yoga studio.

“Portraits are special to me because they capture a moment in time. You can look back and reminisce on who was in the photo or why that portrait is special.”
He is also a student at Guilford Technical Community College studying Robotic Engineering. With his degree, he wants to design and build natural robotic appendages to aid in limb replacements. His goal is to design something that can be used all the time — lightweight, waterproof and more importantly, affordable. “My vision for this is to allow someone to have the best quality of life they can have. And live a life without limitations despite losing a limb or being born without one,” says Tyreik.

The growing artist has big plans for his future. He wants to travel the world, immersing himself in art across the globe and painting wherever he goes. He explains that the world around him inspires him to create, as well as other artists and their different styles. He believes that the only way to get better is to work on your craft and not be afraid to explore unfamiliar genres of art. Tyreik notes that he is excited to take on new art techniques such as sculpture, mixed media, graphic art, screen printing and photography. He is also working on producing art tutorials for YouTube as well.

“I really would love to be able to create my own art school that includes visual and performing arts. A program that would really provide aspiring artists the tools to get to the next level. I would love for everyone to experience the joy of art.”

Tyreik shares that the first piece of art he was really proud of was a black and white self-portrait sketch in his high school art class. It was an eye opening moment for him.

“The hardest thing you can draw is yourself. You have to really take inventory of yourself. It’s how you see yourself, mixed with how other people see you and all that you think you are or not or like or don’t like about yourself. It’s all wrapped up in there. And you have to take all that and put it into your drawing. I couldn’t change anything. I had to draw what I saw. You can’t lie. All you can do is tell the truth,” he shares.

Tyreik says that art allows people to see the world in a different way. Sometimes what you think you see, isn’t really there. “Art shows us the what-ifs, the maybes, and the how comes, versus whether what is or isn’t. There’s more than two sides to every story.”

The list of artists he admires range from freelance artists from Instagram MikeysDrawings, IamtheartistIam, a pencil and comic book sketch artist, to notable famed artist, Bob Ross.

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