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by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2016
Umar Muhammad

Umar Muhammad

USports is a catalyst for community and sports development in markets with growth potential. Based in Durham, N.C., they provide innovative and portable sports solutions for all sectors; forming strategic partnerships and networks that help coordinate local sports assets and resources for personal, community and economic development.

USports was started by Umar Muhammad in 2009 in response to the lack of high quality sports experiences in small and mid-size communities across North Carolina and the region. The sports tourism industry had been protected from the recession, but some communities were not prepared to take advantage of this stable creative economy.

USports Consulting provides products and services to all sectors in our society. From individual clients to large corporations. Their three services areas include Events and Tourism, Performance and Analytics, and Consulting and Partnerships. They also have a minor league basketball team that is a part of our sports properties.

USports Consulting typical training clients are individual athletes, college and elite, sports clubs or High School athletic programs and families with children who seek professional level training at an affordable price. They also work with non-profits, business groups, police and fire departments to improve there performance outcomes.

As with any small business, but especially a company that is sports-based, they have to stay competitive, and continue to attract and development human capital, or talented, high performing individuals. Umar says their plans moving forward are to continue expanding their brand into communities across North Carolina and the region. “We have to stay cutting edge with new technologies, performance enhancement tools and strategic partnerships. But more than anything we want to continue to provide the highest quality, best value sports solutions to all our clients and partners,” he says.

To become involved with USports Consulting, Umar says first, a person must have a passion for sports and those who participate in sports. “Give us a call or visit with us online. You can also follow us on social media. Just remember we are looking for clients and staff who seek to perform at their highest and best potential,” he says.

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