Ron Smith | April 29th, 2015
Ronald Smith

Ronald SMith

As human beings we all like to feel appreciated in our life. God designed us that way for whatever reason he chose. That is why I believe he emphasizes in his Word numerous times on how precious we are to him. The problem I see is we don’t fully believe him based on our actions. There was a question asked in Bible Study at my church (Word of Hope Fellowship)“ Is it possible to love God and not trust him?”. I would say yes based on our actions because in reality actions speak louder than words. In the gospel music industry, I encounter a lot of independent artist who’s actions lines up with the question. Lets deal with award shows and the purpose of having them.
I have no problem with award shows that are genuine. I feel some are out of hand and the bottom line it is about making money. You find some eager or anxious gospel artist looking to make it big and by winning an award they can justify a certain amount of money to perform at your event. I get a lot of artist sending me request to vote for them so they can win a particular award. Let me back up for a second, when they first started out it was about doing music ministry and how they said God called them to reach the lost. Somewhere along the way it has changed into music entertainment. Why would you need an award to do ministry? The thing that gets me is artist pay for that award while getting popular votes among their friends and families. From my perspective, its like you paying me to tell you how good you are by giving you an award.
Stop chasing validation and read what God says about you in his word. Do we not trust God in what he says about us? It goes back to the question asked earlier in this blog.
“Is it possible to love God and not trust him? If someone wants to honor you, then let them seek after you while you are working doing the will of God. Running to various award shows spending money will eventually get you burned out, broke and frustrated. That is what the devil wants and if he can get your mind off of what God has called you to do then he has won. So realize who you are in Christ and stop seeking validation chasing what you already have through Christ Jesus. Read and believe on his word it can save you a lot of money.

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