Vanessa Butler

Dorjae' McClammey | July 19th, 2021
Vanessa Butler (Photos by CJ Coman)

Vanessa Butler (Photos by CJ Coman)

Everything is made with love.

Vanessa Williams Butler is the CEO of Lady VWB Nature LLC, an all-natural skincare line that’s formulated in Columbus, OH. Along with her daughter and business partner, Vatina, Vanessa is positioning her company for success.

Lady VWB provides an endless amount of products for everybody, such as bath bombs, body scrubs, handmade lotions, body butter, and new oatmeal, a honey milk bath mix that will leave the body feeling soft. There is also an acne cleanser that fights inflammation and dark marks and a clay mask that can be used on both the face and skin. Lady VWB also provides a supreme facial serum made for brightening and tightening, along with hair oil, hair masks, and anti-cellulite cream/oil. There is also a men’s collection that includes a natural beard and mustache oil and wave styling balm.

Growing up, Vanessa dealt with terrible skin. After speaking with several doctors, she started to conduct her own research and eventually created a line of skincare products. Vanessa saw remarkable progress and has been using her products for over nine years with amazing results. With her newfound skills and 22 years of experience in hospitality and management, Vanessa has successfully created her own natural skincare business.

“Our mission at Lady VWB Nature is to make sure we are spreading knowledge with recommendations of adapting to a routine format for your life. We want to ensure our clients know how to properly use natural products that have wound healing properties and great health benefits,” she says.

Vanessa’s products will not affect the Ph balance. Her products are wonderful for all skin types and can help heal things such as psoriasis and eczema. They have a pleasant, clean smell and feel great on the skin, and help with an endless amount of skin conditions from rashes, psoriasis, eczema, discoloration, and much more. The shelf life for Lady VWB products is a respectful two years.

When asked what she loves most about her company Vanessa credits her daughter Vatina, who helps her create just about every product she sells. She plans to teach Vatina everything so that the business will be passed down to her one day, resulting in generational wealth.

Vanessa is also an all-around problem solver. “I like being put on the spot to assist with resolving the issue and ensuring our customers are satisfied. That makes me feel like I’m doing my job,” she says. All the wonderful customers and other entrepreneurs she’s met throughout her journey is what motivates her to keep going. One client even sent her a “before and after” picture, and it almost had her in tears. She was so proud of her work and the results it gave.

Yet, of course, all great businesses come with some challenges. Because of the Corona Virus pandemic, a few of her ingredients now take longer to ship, which caused somewhat of an issue. Yet even with the minor shipping glitch, she has still made an abundance of products to supply their pop shops and meet turnaround time quotas. Vanessa also had to come to terms with the fact that she won’t please everyone, especially those looking for an overnight miracle cream. She shares Lady V products are designed to help customers adapt to a routine. “Our motto is nothing will work if you don’t work.”

Despite all of the trials and tribulations, Lady VWB still has many rewarding moments. Even though they just started production in October of 2020, they already see a promising profit early on. Vanessa is also proud of how her presence has grown with other entrepreneur vendors, “We have been networking with other vendors as well receiving so much support for every which way.”

When asked what her testimony is she stated, “I live a more simple and minimalistic life. Something I’ve always wanted to do was learn why I’ve suffered for so many years with cystic acne and eczema. I finally feel like I’ve come up with a breakthrough, something that works for me. Most importantly, I trusted the process, and I didn’t stop. I was consistent, and I wanted to share this with the world.”

In regards to the future, Vanessa plans on advancing by continuing to build her business, teaching her daughter herbalism, chemistry, entrepreneurship, and growing generational wealth.

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