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VB Still | March 13th, 2013
VB Still

VB Still (Photo by VB Still)

It has been two years since the release of VB Still’s, “ManChaser, Overcoming Rejection”, yet she is still reaping the benefits of being transparent. The testimonies of ManChaser continue to pour in, and it reminds her of how important it is to allow others to see your vulnerable side. By telling of one’s weaknesses while exuding strength and endurance has affected people in a much more profound way then appearing to have it all together.

Since the last time you heard from Still, many things have transpired. While she continues to be a voice of empowerment to women, and men who deal with relationship issues, she is careful to expose the underlying issues of those who deal with R.A.T issues, (Rejection, Abuse & Trauma), every chance she gets. R.A.T. is an acronym she coined to describe the issues that lay dormant in our hearts and souls. Rats reside in dark places and eat on garbage that we throw out that becomes spoiled. With her analogy of issues of the heart, R.A.T.s are a result of unresolved hurt from our past that do not heal, that end up spoiling and infecting a perfectly good heart.

Still is currently dedicating her time to increase awareness of the infestations of R.A.T.s, by creating a safe place to expose these sensitive matters of the heart. As she works to complete the workbook to ManChaser and its sequel, she will include steps to detect and exterminate R.A.Ts, a crucial and needed process people need before they can experience any type of fulfilling relationship with self, God or others. To aid in this process she is hosting a series of relationship forums, called “We Need 2 Talk-Relationships”-The Series, with hopes of giving people the opportunity to share, receive and engage in healthy dialogue about relationship issues. She has teamed up with a great set of panelists that include singles and couples from various backgrounds and experiences to share their testimonies of what has worked, and what has not in their personal relationships. She hopes this will give the audience and even the other participates, objective insight into their own situations.

With the extensive use of social media, people have lost touch with intimacy, and one-on-one interaction, for this reason, Still chooses to use an intimate setting to discuss the most sacred part of our lives, our relationships. She first introduced, We Need 2 Talk-Relationship Forum, in 2009, it was one of Greensboro’s first styled forums on relationships. She is excited and honored to bring this back as a series which began on February 22, 2013, at Chandlar’s Florist & Coffee, 709 E. Market St. Greensboro, N.C. from 7 p.m. to 11 pm. The series will take place every other Friday starting in March. Dates and times are subject to change.

Still has since resigned from L.O.T.S.O. to become Win-Win Resolutions National Director of Development, a volunteer position to promote both the girls and boys mentoring programs. Her time is also filled by developing her own projects and assisting in other community events. She has been honored to serve as the co-host of The 7th & 8th Beautiful Black Women’s Festival and is proud to return for the 9th Annual Festival on May 18 at Aggie Park in Greensboro, N.C.

Still takes this and every opportunity to encourage, motivate and bring understanding through her message of overcoming. Along with the Beautiful Black Woman Festival, she and her son, artist Marty B, will co-host their 3rd annual H.I.P. H.O.P Community J.A.A.M. However, this year the event will be expanded to a summer long program called, H.I.P. H.O.P Community J.A.A.M.s -Music in the Park, which will be held at community parks throughout the city, with the finale occurring at Barber Park at the end of the summer. This will give local artists a much needed outlet to perfect their craft while reaching the youth through positive messages, community involvement, all the while providing wholesome entertainment to the community.

With all her activity, Still was careful not to leave out her most important work, which is to help other voices come to print. She knows the power of sharing your testimony, and how the written word can help others to see things in a much clearer way, more than any other medium. When she published ManChaser, she vowed to help others with faith-based stories to become self-published authors. This year, she launched Write Steps-Authors Empowerment Team with the help of Angel Barrino, author of “His Purpose, My Praise”. The duo hopes to guide others through the publishing process by providing tips, motivation and one-on-one consultation services.

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