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Dr. Marrissa Dick | March 15th, 2018
Danny H. Rogers (Photos by Toni Shaw)

Danny H. Rogers (Photos by Toni Shaw)

Democrat Danny H. Rogers officially plans to run for Sheriff of Guilford County in 2018. His motto, “A Positive Change for All Citizens of Guilford County” is a recurring theme. A native son of Guilford County who was born and raised in the City of High Point Danny has spent over 50 years of his life experiencing and witnessing the discrepancies of both previous and current administrations. Rogers ran against the current Sheriff, BJ Barnes in 2014 but was defeated by a small margin. He believes that he can attract those voters and win the seat by going into the areas that he didn’t venture into four years ago.

Rogers understands what it means to desire to live in a safe and healthy environment. Raised by a single mother he values the mentors who stepped up to the plate from his community to give him a better perspective of the African Proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ According to Rogers, “I experienced quite a bit growing up. Even though my mom made sure I stayed away from the streets I still saw a lot. You couldn’t help but see and hear it. So, as I grew up I also saw some of my friends go on the wrong side of the track and begin doing drugs, selling drugs, and drinking. I watched many of them go back and forth to juvenile detention. I also had a couple of friends who didn’t make it past their 17th or 18th birthday. That really gave me a reality check. I understood then that none of us are invincible. I was also afraid of what my grandparents or my mom would do to me if I got into trouble. That proverb is so true because it really did take the whole community to help those who wanted to be helped. I know this may sound dated, but when I was growing up if I was doing something wrong it was nothing for a neighbor to correct me and then go and tell my grandparents and my mom. I’m appreciative of that type of upbringing.”

Danny’s personal experiences as a law enforcement officer and life time resident of Guilford County provides firsthand knowledge of how to bridge the gap between the community and the law enforcement officers who are serving diligently in those communities. These lifelong experiences are what has helped shape Rogers ability to rise above his past and not allow it to define his future. He’s a living testimony that people can learn from their mistakes and change for the better. He shares, “You know I think my life story can help other people move from their past into their future.” Learning from past mistakes is what Rogers believes is the key to changing the recidivism rate in Guilford County. “I’m committed to Guilford County. I plan to implement a proactive, transparent, accountable, and properly accredited Sheriff’s Office. It will be one that’s stellar and one that restores the checks and balances, so the residents of Guilford County can be better served. I plan to reduce inmate recidivism with a renewed focus to generate a long-lasting impact on the former inmates, as they become productive citizens while also providing for more safety and tax dollar savings for the entire community,” Rogers says. He also desires to make changes to the hiring practices and promotional opportunities within the Sheriff’s Office which would result in an overall more inclusive, diverse, and productive team on all levels of the force. According to Danny, “As a proactive Sheriff, I want to implement policies, programs, and practices before they become legal issues instead of being a reactive Sheriff. I want to be proactive instead of reactionary by making changes before incidents occur that force change within the department. It doesn’t make any sense that it took 20 years for the first African American patrol officer to reach the rank of Sergeant under the administration of Sheriff BJ Barns. There are many qualified minority officers on the force. The officers should also reflect the communities they serve.”

Rogers has worked with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office as a Detention Officer and as a Deputy Sheriff in roles that include both vice and undercover operations. He has also worked as a Police Officer with the High Point Police Department. He says, “I came in as a Detention Officer in Greensboro then I completed the necessary testing and began in High Point as a Patrol Officer. So, as I’m working I noticed that none of the minorities were coming in as sworn officers and they weren’t given the same opportunities to continue their education without penalty. None of these actions were fair but it happened nonetheless.”

These are just a couple of administrative practices that Rogers plans to address under his leadership as Sheriff. He explains, “There continues to be many law enforcement challenges for the residents of Guilford County and reducing recidivism is also one of those challenges … It may appear that most criminals prefer the lifestyle they live, but I’ve discovered most kids and young adults want to do and be better people. They want to be productive,” he says. “They simply feel they don’t have any other alternative. Everyone doesn’t want to go to college and everyone doesn’t possess the necessary skills for today’s technologically driven jobs. Regardless, we still need to offer them training so they don’t feel desperate and begin to acquire their basic living needs illegally.”

A few of Danny’s strategic plans consist of reducing crime, providing safer streets and neighborhoods, eliminating the flow of illegal drugs and guns entering our communities, and building trust and amicable relationships between citizens and law enforcement officers. “You know in light of our current climate where our children are being gunned down in the school where they should feel safe stricter policy and procedures need to be in place. I will lead the charge for proper police training and stricter school policies.”

Rogers promises, “As the Sheriff of Guilford County, I will work every day, in every community, to serve and protect all residents from the known and unknown, and to create stronger, and safer neighborhoods.”

Likewise, rehabilitation and repeat offenders is a major issue for Guilford County. It’s a serious problem that affects more than just the incarceration rates and prison overcrowding. While the issue affects more than the youth, the solution lies with them. He says no matter the age the county must develop a passion for its’ youth. We can combat it with quality education, concerned parents, dedicated teachers and schools, and an involved community. Rogers spends a great deal of time with Guilford County youth. He listens to them and talks to them. It is from those real and honest conversations that he knows what will truly work and be beneficial. Rogers believes that just putting criminals behind bars isn’t enough. Rogers is seeking solutions for Guilford County’s crime issues. He understands that the one major component for being proactive involves crime prevention. For Rogers, becoming Sheriff would mean more than simply fighting crime. He understands that successfully fighting crime means fighting it across the board. He also believes that the agency must be unified and determined not to allow infighting or other internal disruptions to implement a “A Positive Change for All Citizens of Guilford County.”

He shares, “A change from the ground up must occur. My goal is to look at, evaluate and assess the department’s structure ― then restructure as needed. The old regime needs to change.” He adds the agency must take the lead. When the agency changes for the better, the community will see a noted difference.

Rogers is adamant about listening to and meeting the needs of the people. He shares, “As I listen to people’s stories and their concerns I realize that many of them want the same basic things in life and that’s for their government to make a difference in their lives. So, then I have to ask myself how I can make a difference. How can I be that change agent? I know that I can help the citizens of Guilford County by making a change in administration. I can make this happen because I understand the internal piece and practices of the system. You must have an administrator who knows how to treat people, first, then you need for that administrator to be accountable to everyone and not just a select few.”

As Sheriff, Danny Rogers plans to RESTORE agency accountability and accreditation; CREATE safer outcomes with community policing; REBUILD law enforcement and citizen relationships; SAVE tax dollars through recidivism reduction; REDUCE officer attrition rates; and DEVELOP equitable employment practices.

Danny H. Rogers is married to Dr. Ruthie Rogers and the couple has six children. He currently owns a janitorial/landscaping company and a restaurant/food truck business. He is a member of Love and Faith Christian Fellowship and currently resides in Jamestown, NC. Rogers earned his Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management from Walden University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from ECPI University, and an Associate Degree in Theology from Team Works Bible College.

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