Vote Danny Rogers For Guilford County Sheriff

by Tonya Dixon | September 10th, 2014
Danny Rogers (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Danny Rogers (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Danny Rogers is committed to building better relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. A native of High Point N.C., he knows the lay of the land and is a familiar fixture throughout the community and he is running for the Office of Guilford County Sheriff.

Can he count on your vote?
Danny has the unique distinction of having significant hands on experience. He understands all the different aspects of the local criminal justice system. He has worked as a Guilford County detention officer, and was formerly a patrol officer for both the City of High Point as well as the Office of Guilford County Sheriff. Rogers also has experience working in vice and narcotics.
Rogers has the experience and insight to effect change.

If elected, Rogers promises he will evaluate the state of Guilford County through internal and external probes and begin a campaign toward implementing needed departmental changes. Likewise, community partnerships, programs and initiatives will be evaluated for effectiveness.

What Change?

  • Rogers believes the county is in need of a great deal of reformation, yet the task is not insurmountable. He believes the agency must set specific goals and not lose focus.
  • Greater commitment to community engagement and relationships
  • Develop a more comprehensive rehabilitation plan
  • Increase community and school safety
  • Give more attention to officer training and innovation
  • Institute a more accountable system for departmental procedures.

Rogers says just putting criminals behind bars isn’t enough. In order to fix the crime issue he knows the key is to be proactive, which means crime prevention. For Rogers, becoming sheriff would mean more than simply fighting crime. He understands in order to successfully fight crime at all levels, the agency must be unified and determined not to allow infighting or other internal disruptions to affect the common goal. Additionally, he is interested in fighting against the intangible. He refers to departmental areas in dire need of repair and restructure.

“A change from the ground up must occur. That is not to say people would be eliminated. That is to say that the way of thinking must change,” he says. “I don’t ever want anyone to ever be afraid to respectfully speak their mind. My goal is to look at, evaluate and assess the department’s structure ― then restructure as needed. The old regime needs to change.” He adds the agency must take the lead. When the agency changes for the better, the community will see a noted difference.

Roger isn’t afraid to point out the problems he has witnessed first-hand. It’s that very fact that he is willing to put his hand to the plow in order to make a positive and verifiable difference. He adds that fairness must extend beyond the offices of the department. It must be incorporated when arrests are made, crimes are investigated and punishments are imposed. It’s a touchy subject but he believes he is mentally tough enough to handle what may come his way.

Likewise, rehabilitation and repeat offenders is a major issue for Guilford County. It’s a serious problem that affects more than just the incarceration rates and prison overcrowding. While the issue affects more than the youth, the solution lies with them. He says whether it’s a 13-year-old or a 21-year-old, the county must develop a passion for children. We combat it with quality education, concerned parents, dedicated teachers and schools, and an involved community.

Rogers spends a great deal of time with Guilford County youth. He listens to them and talks to them. It is from those real and honest conversations that he knows what will truly work and be beneficial.

“It may appear that most criminals prefer the lifestyle they live, but I’ve discovered most kids and young adults want to do and be better. They want to be productive,” he says. “They simply feel they don’t have any other alternative. They don’t see a means for college and don’t have the skills necessary for today’s technological and skills driven jobs. We need to offer them training. When I was young we had a shop program, mechanics program, and electrician program. Everyone isn’t college material nor do they want to go to college but we must work together to educate our youth and young adults for success in life.”

Roger’s hopes to accomplish most of what he proposes with the support of willing citizens and businesses prepared to mentor and provide financial assistance. He says when people have something productive to do they won’t have the time or energy to do the negative things that result in incarceration. In addition, he believes all citizens have common goals. No matter the party affiliation, he says everyone wants to feel safe, have educated children; and want to be productive citizens. Moreover he says, if just one link is left out, the plan won’t work.
Danny Rogers has the passion and ability to lead Guilford County toward becoming safer and stronger for all citizens; a community where everyone has the opportunity to achieve and become BETTER. “I invite you to hold me accountable. Listen to where I’m coming from. Check to see if I’m doing or trying to do what I say I will do.”

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