Wakesha Fogle and The WAKE Academy

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2018
Wakesha Fogle

Wakesha Fogle

WAKE Academy and Consulting, LLC is a place where all kids excel. The vision of founder Wakesha Fogle is to bridge instructional gaps and circumvent educational pitfalls students sometimes experience. Her desire is to utilize her successes and failures to help students and educators alike, thrive. “All students are extraordinary, each with their own varying extraordinary needs; therefore, necessitating every aspect of their educational experience should be extraordinary as well,” Wakesha explains. WAKE strives to make this a reality through unleashing the potential of its scholars, families, and educators, while serving as their thought provoker, accountability partner, and coach. Their messages of confidence, perseverance, and determination are shared as inspiration to help all encountered reach for their dreams.

WAKE Academy and Consulting began July 2016. Wakesha says her first love has always been working with students who appear to not be working to their full potential. She also loves to help those who lack motivation. “I believe that everyone cares about their success. They need and deserve to have someone illuminate their gifts and walk alongside them as they build their confidence and skills. I know personally how hard it can be and what it took for me to climb out of the tomb of academic despair. By starting WAKE Academy and Consulting, I can authentically cater my support and services that will improve the exchange between teachers instructionally and students academically,” she says.

Wakesha is a passionate, purpose chaser who loves God her family. She has been married for 21 years to Emanuel L. Fogle, and together they have three daughters Nicaella, a rising Junior at Furman University, Daa’iyah, a rising high school senior, and A’mia, a rising 8th grader. She glean’s from her diverse educational schooling in New York City public schools, as well as private schooling. She also graduated from the Department of Defense Dependent School System in Germany. She is a graduate of Claflin University in South Carolina and holds a Masters Degree from Cambridge College in Massachusetts. She is currently pursuing advanced studies at Lamar University in Texas.

“My husband has always been my biggest fan and cheerleader. His belief in me, encouragement, love, and support are what propels me to believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to. From the moment I decided to resign from my job, to listening to my dreams and embracing them as his own. He done this while delaying his own professional ambitions in support of mine,” she says.

WAKE Academy’s mission is to improve academic success through immersing students in a dynamic and engaging multi-sensory out of school educational setting that is strategically designed to nurture their emerging autonomy. Wakesha says this will help them develop and manage their executive function skills and cultivate their self-efficacy and confidence. Some of the programs offered include virtual and in-person mathematics tutoring for students in grades 5-9, virtual and in-person academic coaching for students of all ages, training, professional development, motivational speaking, and keynotes, for schools, districts, and the community, and Summer and Afterschool programming.

For those, who may follow in her footsteps, Wakesha offers a bit of advice. “Walk in faith over tradition and follow that which lights you up, and you will light up the world,” she says. “From the moment I decided to resign from my position as a district level academic specialist, and two years later, every move I make has been made by faith. Honestly, if I based my actions from what was evident or others’ opinions, I would still be where I was,” she says.
To learn more about the WAKE Accademy, please give them a call or visit them online.

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