Warriors, Inc.

by Terry Watson | January 8th, 2012
Warriors, Inc

Paula Ritter-Lipscomb and Andrea Wright (Photo by Warriors, Inc.)

Warriors, Inc. is founded upon legacy of the African American family and leverages the strength of that legacy to empower families and communities. We embrace the power of the past in order to awaken the confidence, resourcefulness and spirituality necessary to seize the potential within the present.

We believe that our holistic approach is the cornerstone of our effectiveness.

Our focus is to nurture the total family. Through our committed efforts, we help sustain the “village” concept and faithfully emphasize the need to heed the voices of the “talking drum.”

Our mission is to embrace, enlighten, and empower women and families of the Triad. We endeavor to expand the awareness of our constituents regarding the quality of life and connect them to available resources to fill their needs. With careful planning, we bring people together to build relationships that foster the spirit of community.

Warrior Inc. is changing lives with the following methods: Innovative, non-traditional information sessions designed to your group size. Sessions vary from 1 hour to overnight. “Let’s Talk”- Small to medium informal “living room” conversation sessions that build relationships and a sense of community.

“A Time to Stand” – Informal group conversations embracing the power of our ancestors and visions for the future. “E-Attitudes” – Motivational seminar promoting the attitude concepts of embracing, empowering, enlightening, and encouraging.

Their methods also include Overnight Retreats such as “Illuminating the Path”- Overnight evening of activities empowering spirit, mind and body. Workshops are designed to facilitate the process of making inner-self connections and becoming aware of available resources.

For more information about Warrior Inc. please contact founders Paula Ritter-Lipscomb at (336) 274-8951 or by email at paularitter@yahoo.com and Andrea Wright at (336) 375-6428 or by email at WRIGHTavbw@aol.com. h

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