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by Tonya Dixon | September 14th, 2015
Tamia McCray (Photos by Perfect Lenz Photography)

Tamia McCray (Photos by Perfect Lenz Photography)

In under only four years Tamia McCray has established her brand as one of quality, professionalism and exceptionalism. The celebrity stylists’ flagship salon, Weave Doctors, has quickly gained a reputation of the best place to go for all hair services with special attention and expertise to weave, as well as all things healthy hair, not to mention excellent customer care.

When McCray hears people tell her how much they enjoy coming to her salon or how they appreciate the relaxed, drama-free environment she is immensely appreciative, but it doesn’t surprise her. No, she’s not arrogant; she just recognizes that her vision and her ideology are coming together and lining up, and it’s a beautiful thing.

McCray pushes herself to the brink daily, cultivating her brand and making sure that it represents her well. Her success indicates that it does. In fact, it’s doing so well that she recently opened a second salon in Greenville, N.C., which is already booming and thriving. It’s just a testament to the power of a good brand.

“My brand is all about precision. I’m proud to say that I trained each of my stylists personally. A lot of salon owners don’t want their stylists to be better than them, but the way my salons are set up I concentrate on my brand,” McCray says. “People are coming for my brand. They may say for example, ‘okay, I can’t get Tamia, but I can go to KiKi and I know she will slay me.’ I pride myself on my brand, it’s so strong that if anyone comes into my salon they know they will get great, top-notch service. Plus all of my stylists are great. I couldn’t operate without them. KiKi, for example has been with me for over three years and has helped me expand and build the brand.”

While McCray offers her own hair line, True Life Virgin Hair, which includes all hair types and textures – for quite some time, she and her team recently added custom wig making to their list of services. The units are available for anyone, but McCray is especially excited to be able to help cancer patients and survivors or individuals suffering from diseases and disorders such as alopecia have been forced to settle for something from a beauty supply store that they don’t love and barely like. Clients interested in the custom wigs are given the opportunity for a free consultation in a private room. The units can be custom cut and colored using any style or texture of hair and for the remainder of the year the units will be on sale.

Branding and development is extremely important, but McCray also believes that giving back and helping others is just as important, if not more so. Which is why she continues to give back to the community; whether it’s giving away turkeys during the Weave Doctors’ annual Thanksgiving turkey drive or sponsoring families during Christmas, or even offering free hair care services, it’s a part of not only McCray’s nature, but it has become a part of the Weave Doctor culture.

“I have always given back to the community, not for advertising purposes, but it’s always something I’ve wanted to do. I’m a delta as well so I’m rooted in civic activity,” she says. “There have been times in my life I have needed someone to help me so it doesn’t bother me to give away free services. If someone is about to go to a job interview or even if someone simply can’t afford my services I tell people just ask me. If I feel you are genuine and need something to help your self-esteem or anything else, I’m willing to help.”

“I’ve had people call me dealing with suicidal ideations and other issues and because I have my master’s degree in counseling I’m able to help. I might just simply take them out of their environment for the day.”

It’s apparent that McCray loves what she does and doesn’t mind helping others with the gift she has been given. It’s the only explanation for why she does the things she does. It’s her love for her craft that compels her to even teach and mentor others that may very well become her competition. True entrepreneurs are able to help others obtain success without their own being threatened.

The giver in McCray desires to help and assist wherever and whenever possible, but with the opening of her Greenville location and countless other obligations, she simply can’t fully devote the time and attention that being a committed mentor would require. However, she’s “Mrs. Make-it-Happen” and where there’s a will, there’s always a way. On September 20, McCray will be teaming up with celebrity stylist, Tokyo Stylz and other A-list stylists for a symposium and Q&A.

“Other stylists and students are always asking me to mentor them, but I can’t give them the attention they need. This will be an opportunity for them to sit down with real celebrity stylists and pick our brains, mingle and network,” she says. Additionally, new ideas, concepts, techniques and trends will be on display that many area stylists may not yet be aware of.

Clients value the great services that Weave Doctors offers. While several discount weave salons and shops have opened in the area in the last three years, she says they have all closed. Why? Because McCray has come to understand that quality stands the test of time and Weave Doctors is still standing.

Opening additional salons, offering custom services and products, boasting a massive social media following, the knowledge of knowing she owns one of very few top-notch salons in the area and even acquiring her bail bondsmen license (a feat she has always wanted to accomplish) still doesn’t complete the puzzle for McCray. The next step is to see the doors opened at Head Doctors, a full service barber shop and tattoo parlor. By the beginning of next year, it will definitely be open and McCray will most assuredly be working on her next venture expanding her brand and building her empire.

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