Wenalyn Glenn

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | September 13th, 2018
Wenalyn Glenn (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Wenalyn Glenn (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

When you’re the queen of many trades, there are endless possibilities for success. Ambition runs high and giving up is never an option. If you’re from Hamlet, NC, a small town bordering northeast South Carolina, you can’t wait to showcase your talents in a small city with big town appeal, like Greensboro.

Wenalyn Glenn knows she has a creative mind. She always has. As a child, she would help her mother with her projects, alongside her older siblings. “My mom was like the town seamstress, church planner, decorator, and many other things. She made lots of people’s wedding dresses in the area,” Wenalyn remembers. Deceased for almost two decades, her mother’s talents still live within her.

She started her first event planning business in 2005 but decided to step away from it after the business didn’t move in the direction she had hoped. In 2011, she went to grad school to obtain her master’s degree in school administration and initially became a Language Arts teacher, later transitioning into technology. Currently Wenalyn is an Assistant Principal within Guilford County Schools.

Her dream of becoming a full-time event planner is on its way to being fulfilled in a few years. During maternity leave with her second child in 2014, Wenalyn wanted to revive the business she so loved, and revamp it with a new name, a new angle, and a renewed sense of confidence. It was only fitting that she called her venture “aneW Consulting and Events”. ‘aneW’ is also a play on her nickname, ‘Wena’ spelled backwards. “If you call me Wena, you know me from home,” Wenalyn laughs.

The bulk of her venture is being the eyes and ears of a bride. From start to finish, she takes the couple’s vision and transforms it into everything they hoped it would be on their special day. To make her bridal services more prominent, Wenalyn earned her certification in bridal consulting this year. This also allows her customers to bestow a certain level of trust in her abilities. “Sometimes I’ll ask them to give me a small budget and not tell them what it’s for. It’s always something cute and personal that I know they’ll love in the end.”

If being a school administrator and an entrepreneur doesn’t consume every minute of her day, I’m certain her 12-year tenure as a cheerleading coach for NC A&T State University, mother of two adorable boys, and wife to one supportive husband sure does. Not only is she one of the coaches for the HBCU squad, but she’s also responsible for their outward image. From head to toe, Wenalyn makes the decisions for the groups entire look.

“I’m only able to do all of this because of God. If it wasn’t meant for me to do, I couldn’t do it. It’s all because of Him.” Wenalyn toots the horn of her husband of five years as well as her oldest sons father, who she often refers her clients to for his handiwork. Both men are integral parts of the success of ‘aneW’. “I tease my oldest son’s father saying if I ever got my own show, he would have to come along too.” In a time where parents are feuding and traumatizing their children with custody battles and negative interactions with the other, these three are setting the example by successfully parenting a blended family.

When asked about the consulting part of her business, Wenalyn explains that it encompasses branding, web design, marketing, social media posts, and additional tasks tailored to her clients’ needs. “I can do it all,” Wenalyn confidently boasts.

She knows she’s good at what she does but she’s also a firm believer in her clients understanding the importance of having a realistic budget and sticking to it. “Many times, they’ll give me ideas that they’ve seen on Instagram, but have a much smaller budget that won’t allow them to achieve the look they’re going for,” she says. But with a staff of six, she’s certain she can create a memorable event for any occasion because she loves the smile at the end.

She’s excited that she has her first same-sex wedding on the books and scheduled to have completed almost a dozen other weddings by the end of this year. Included in her event planning is the use of all her décor that she has accumulated over the years, and her list of items is extensive.
“There isn’t much that I don’t have and I’m happy to use it all to achieve the vision,” she says.

Wenalyn has piled a lot of food on her plate but she jokes that her O(bsessive) C(ompulsive) D(isorder) helps keep it all organized. With the support of her family and God’s guidance, she continues to forge ahead.

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