Western Guilford Baby Bees Cheerleading

by Almena Mayes | February 10th, 2011
Baby Bees Cheerleading

Western Guilford Baby Bees Cheerleading

The Western Guilford Junior Varsity cheerleaders’ community service project, the “Baby Bees” allows girls, ages 6-12 to practice and perform during Western Guilford High School home football and basketball games, but more so, it creates a spirit of mentorship between young women and young girls.

JV cheerleaders are matched with elementary and middle school girls who have the desire to cheer. Cheerleading fundamentals as well as advanced skills are taught to girls who want to cheer but may not have that opportunity anywhere else. The girls are exposed to all styles of cheerleading including the “stomp shake” styles utilized at many Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the traditional technical style performed in many other colleges and universities.

“As the coach of the Western Guilford JV cheerleaders, I noticed the girls that seemed to be prepared for tryouts were the ones who had been in cheerleading programs before they entered high school. Unfortunately because cheerleading can be relatively expensive, many parents find themselves unable to enroll their children in prepatory programs. In addition, many young women do not understand that cheerleading is much more than just wearing a skirt,” says Mayes.

There are three core goals the Baby Bee service project was created to address; childhood obesity, low-self esteem, mentoring and volunteer service. The girls that participate in the program are taught to condition their bodies through aerobic exercise and strength training. The weekly practices and instruction are offered free of charge. The only financial responsibility the parents have is to provide their child with the uniform. There is a non-profit summer camp that also works to offset the cost of the program. The project is completely self sufficient. The activities are modified to be age appropriate but push the young women to do and be the best they can be.

Secondly, the program allows elementary and middle school girls to cheer at high school games. The cheers and routines they perform are on the same level as the high school squads; they perform in the stands and on the field. The fans love them and give them positive feedback.
The support the program is given from the fans, parents, staff and administration of Western Guilford helps to build a spirit of excellence and consequently drives the girls to do their very best at all times. The love shown to the members of this junior squad ushers in a sense of accomplishment and boosts their self-esteem.

Finally, the high school cheerleaders have an opportunity to mentor and give back to the community by volunteering. All of the students involved realize that to progress they have to reach out and help someone else be successful. The JV cheerleaders all participate in teaching and training the younger girls. Practices end with the chant “whose world…our world”. The truth in this statement is evident as each of these young women is prepared to take her place and make her mark on the world.

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