What Are You Connected To?

by Terry Watson | January 8th, 2012

Terry Watson – Editor

It’s a simple question. What are you connected to? What source or resource do you rely on for sustainability or encouragement? Who influences you and your life the most, and more importantly, what do you put your absolute faith in? These are questions whose answers ultimately shape our lives and help to determine our destiny. We can find the answers by conducting self-evaluations of our positions in life.

Our faith and belief in God is influenced by the connection we have to spiritual leadership. What church do you attend, and how defiant of a relationship does the pastor have with God? Can you see God doing amazing things in their lives through healing, deliverance, and breakthroughs? Is the church membership experiencing healing, deliverance, and breakthroughs? Has your relationship with God strengthened under their leadership? Are souls being saved and God’s kingdom being strengthened? If so, this is a place where I would like to be.


Where do you work? How important do you feel on your job? How valuable do you think you are to your employer? Do you feel as if you are overworked and underpaid? Do you see others advancing, and still you are overlooked? Are you hoping to brown-nose your way to the top, or are you engaged in a laborious journey to success? Do you complain about working conditions or offer solutions to make the job better? Our approach to employment opportunities can determine if we succeed or fail there.


Are you a person that understands the value of having sound relationships? In a relationship, it is not about what that person can do for you, but instead, how you can serve them. Relationships with the right person can lead to bigger and better opportunities, but the wrong one doesn’t have a positive conclusion. We must be diligent and cautious about who and what we decide to be connected to. We live in a world where everything about us is subjected to the judgment of our peers. Connect yourself to something great and has a proven track record for doing the right things without compromise. Our connections are a passport to success and failure and a link to our past and futures.

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