What Black Love Looks Like

by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2020
Warren & Barbara Hendrix (Photos by JLG Photography)

Warren & Barbara Hendrix (Photos by JLG Photography)

They are a great example of what Black Love looks like.  Warren and Barbara Hendrix have been married for 48 years.

The couple grew up together in a small country community in the city of Lenoir, NC.  Warren was a few years older than Barbara and she did not pay any attention to him because he was friends with Barbara’s oldest sister.  

Before marrying, they were engaged for eight months.   Their union has produced three children, Warren Elliott, Erika, and Brian and three Grandchildren.

Warren explains his approach. “I was friends with her oldest sister and I noticed one of the youngest sisters was very pretty.  After a year of college at North Carolina Central University in Durham I was drafted to serve our country.  I chose the Air Force.  I had gone through basic training and had orders to go overseas to Vietnam.  We did not connect until I was about to get out of service.  I came home one Christmas before my last tour and she had changed.  She was very pretty and full blossomed.  I was very attracted to her but I was a little shy and not sure if I wanted to start a relationship because so many soldiers I knew did not or were not returning home.  As it got closer to my time to return back to the States, I began to write her letters and sometimes she would respond and sometimes she did not.  When I returned we started dating and I showed her what she meant to me and I wanted her to be my soulmate.  We always loved to dance and make time for each other.  No matter what others were doing and whatever the popular things were going on, we stayed connected.  We came from Godly families. However, when we first got married we did what we wanted to do and we did not always put God first but we learned from our errors.  We had our ups and downs but we made the choice to make it work. As we got older, we prayed more for our family and the world.  We pray every morning and during the day, as well as read our bible together.  With Christ we can do all things,” he says.

Here is Barbara’s version of how their love came about.  “I knew of Warren because he was a friend to my oldest sister.  I did not pay him any attention because he was a little older than I.  I noticed him after he went to college and returned home because he was drafted to service.  He called me a little girl and I called him an old man.  A couple of years went by and I went to a house party.  He was there and I asked him to please give me a ride home.  He said okay and dropped me off at home and I did not expect to hear from him anymore.  A couple of days went by and he called and asked to go out on a date, and I said yes.  He took me fishing and hunting. I could already shoot a rifle because our father had all girls and one son and he wanted us to be able to take care of ourselves. He was a gentleman as my father, I noticed he was caring and protective.  He  opened the door for me and was polite.  His shoes were shining as my father and well dressed as my father and he had the best smelling cologne. Eight months later we were engaged.  But that took a different spend.  I rushed home to tell my parents and my mother commented on the ring in the same breath she said “let me have it”. My momma wanted to talk to him because I belonged to her until I was married, she told me.  I was so nervous to tell him because I did not know what he would do or think.  I called and explained to him that I remember my other sister’s fiance had to do the same thing.  My mother reminded me after she took the ring.  They had the talk and she said yes.  I remember she said to him that my dad spoiled me. She also told him that if he abused me or did anything to hurt me he will have to settle with me along “Momma and PaPa Bears”. He understood.  Then our engagement was official and we took eight months and planned our wedding.  Forty eight years later we have never fallen out of love.  To God be the glory.

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