What Do You See in 2017

Demetra Moore | January 17th, 2017
Demetra Moore

Demetra Moore

Ever felt like your work week was a waste of time? If so, you probably suffer stress from boring, repetitive, and meaningless work. It can be a battle to see your daily routine as an adventure, or service. This act calls for an adjustment in perception to move forward on purpose in 2017.

First see work as an adventure. Many people might laugh if you suggested that a humdrum job could become an adventure. You can turn every day of your working life into one of surprise and discovery. Make learning an experience, in which you develop your curiosity about the job, how things are made and work, as well as trying out new skills to see if the job can’t be done in a better way. When work is seen as an adventure, with new things to explore and learn, it breaks up the monotony.

Second view your work as service. Much of the stress we experience in the workplace originates from an excessive pre-occupation with ourselves and others with whom we work. Some of the particularly strained relationships we can experience arise out of internal politicking, departmental rivalries, poor or mismanaged relationships, bad supervision and management of people. While this is not solved overnight, we can make major changes in how we see them and how we feel when we shift our perceptions from an internal to an external focus, from ourselves to others, from those we work with to those we work for.

A change our attitudes can transform the stress and routine of our daily work. In doing this we are able to see how serving and impacting others is larger than we are. Warren Bennis is professor of management at the University of Southern California in San Diego, a particularly parched part of the state. Every day when he goes in to work, he notices the beautifully-kept lawns and flower beds and wonders: “Does anyone ever thank the gardeners for lifting our spirits?” When we know what our work does for others, whether routine or creative, we get a glimpse of our significance in the bigger scheme of things.

It can be challenging to change your routine. Contact us for a free consultation at info@mooreoutoflife.com to discuss details on how to make 2017 your best year. It’s your time to have Moore Out of Life.

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