What is Your Brand?

Demetra Moore | May 10th, 2014
Demetra Moore of Moore Out of Life,Inc

Demetra Moore of Moore Out of Life,Inc

Jay-Z has one, Diddy has one and even Kim Kardashian has one. It seems as if everyone has a brand in today’s pop culture obsessed society. However, is branding easier said than done?

As a professional career coach, I often discuss branding with my clients. Branding is defined as the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers.”

While this concept seems easy enough, it leaves many of my clients with questions like “What is my brand? How do I create my brand? How do I promote my brand?” I approach branding a little differently than other career coaches. I believe personal branding has to be established first for any worker before they can build a business brand.

Personal branding is how we market ourselves to others from the clothing you wear, how you behave and interact with other people, and your body language. It’s your reputation, the size and strength of your personal network, and the unique value you can contribute to your workplace or clients.

With this in mind, what brand do you represent each day?
One of the most important questions to answer when branding yourself is, “Who am I?” Your character, passion and purpose must be the foundation of your brand. This is the very reason people don’t get the same results they may have read in business books. Your character, passion and purpose in life are what make you unique. However, we often try to build our own brand, by emulating other people.

To establish your personal brand you must be consistent, reliable and authentic. These are three criteria people use to evaluate your personal and business brand. There is a process to establishing, consistency, reliability and authenticity in your life.

It’s also important for us to consider the fact we equate brand to quality. Think about Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Coach, and Michael Kors. We have never questioned those particular brands when spending our money. However, we question the single investments we make in ourselves.

So my question to potential brand builders is “Are you committed to yourself?” If so, start taking the steps to build a brand that will make you proud. If you would like more information about branding, contact Moore Out of Life at (704)565-9608 or visit www.mooreoutoflife.com.

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