When Your Boot Straps Break

by Terry Watson | May 13th, 2016
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

I would be the first to admit that God had to reach way down, I mean really deep to find me. Like the song goes, I was lost like a ship without sail. That was me and by His grace and mercy I made it through those storms. Never did I imagine that my life would make a better turn and He would grant me a second chance. Another opportunity to rejoice and relinquish my sorrows and short comings into His sea of forgiveness.

I used to be stubborn and resisted what God was trying to do in my life. I had ignored his calling and kept on doing things my way. Surely there were some good days to go along with the bad. To be honest I still experience those even after I have received salvation, but now I got captain to help me manage the ride. I used to take credit for all of my successes. I walked around with my chest pushed out, boasting and bragging about how good I was, and what I did and could do. In the midst of all my self-gratifying endeavors, everything suddenly fell apart. I couldn’t pin point one particular moment or event, but I lost all control and found it very difficult to maintain and carry on.

I didn’t realize it then but God had literally broken the boot straps that I used to pull my self up, or at least I thought I had. He thought so much of me that He knocked me down just so that I could see and know that it was He, and He alone that had pulled me back up. His plans for me were a lot greater than anything I ever imagined for myself. Yet, if I continued doing things my way, I would still be laying in that pit, full of sorrow, shame, failure and misfortune.

We must be mindful of the concern God has for our lives. He sometimes allows us to make mistakes with hopes that we will soon learn from them. I learned that it is impossible for me to make it in this world alone. I also learned that even after my boot straps had broken, He replaced them with a pair that he purposed to walk in favor and righteousness.

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