Where Did The Time Go?

Demetra Moore | March 11th, 2015
Demetra Moore (Photo by Adina Oree - Enchantment Designs)

Demetra Moore (Photo by Adina Oree – Enchantment Designs)

William Arthur Ward, American writer, said “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” There are so many opportunities for us to experience great things, but sometimes we can get caught up in the details and we end up “missing the sunrises”. We are all given 1440 minutes every day. How are you using these precious minutes? Are you maximizing every opportunity or are you making excuses and putting your dreams on hold until tomorrow?

Procrastination is defined as “putting something off” or “postponing or delaying needlessly”. Sometimes we delay working towards our goals because the day-to-day tasks can seem daunting or tedious. The reality is that we just haven’t put the time into cultivating good time management skills or we are too lazy to follow a plan that can make our dreams a reality.

More often than not, it is the things that we need to do the most in order to reach our goals that end up becoming the very things we put off until another time. This results in more roadblocks towards those goals and, in turn, we tend to think negative thoughts about ourselves because we are not getting it done. It can be a vicious cycle and one that you want to avoid if you want to see your dreams become a reality.

Does this behavior sound familiar?

My experience has taught me that awareness is the first step. Think about your excuses for not accomplishing your goals. Are they real? Are they relevant? Everyone has his/her own reason for procrastinating. Listed below are the top reasons we may be procrastinating.

  1. Fear of change, rejection or failure
  2. Feeling the need to be perfect (“I can’t do it perfectly so I won’t start”.)
  3. Perceived lack of time
  4. Too much stress, pressure or anxiety, which leads to paralysis
  5. Feeling overwhelmed as to on how to start (task is too big; don’t know how to do it, etc.)
  6. Self-doubt or lack of confidence
  7. Unorganized or indecisive about exactly what you want
  8. Putting other things ahead of your dreams i.e. big problems (work or family crisis) and little problems (need to check my email first or update my Facebook status!)
  9. Do these excuses sound reasonable and logical?

If you said ‘yes’ then you may not be ready to realize your dreams. That’s often the case. If you continue to buy into these excuses, then you won’t be able to follow-through on the steps needed to achieve your goals. Procrastination can feel like a well-deserved break from ‘reality’ but over time this only creates stress because you end up lamenting about not reaching your goals. This becomes a vicious cycle.

Overcoming Procrastination
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Getting into action alleviates the stress of procrastination almost instantaneously.
Listed below are the five simple steps to getting what you want, NOW:

  1. Identify the task to be done
  2. Identify the first or next step to accomplish the task
  3. Commit to a time when you will begin the first step
  4. Be aware of your pattern of excuses and/or procrastination
  5. BUT begin the first step in collaboration with the excuses (?)

Outline the steps needed to organize your projects, and set daily and weekly goals. Hire a coach who can help provide the structure, accountability and help develop strategies to stay in action on these tasks. Those actions will counteract the fear of rejection that was fueling some of the procrastination. You’ll start to feel more confident and relaxed as you experience the success of reaching your goals.

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