Who is Shamora? One on One

by Terry Watson | January 9th, 2015


So tell us who you are?
Shamora is a woman who loves the Lord. She loves her family and music. She is sensitive and concerned about people. She’s gifted in music and uses her gift to encourage and bless others!

How did you begin or get into singing gospel music?
You know, I’ve always sang. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t sing gospel music. I grew up singing in church. My father is a musician and a reverend. He’s always been the minister of music of the churches my family has attended throughout the years, so my little sister and I were very active in the music ministry. On a regular basis he’d ask us to sing solos or sing a song together in church, so gospel music has been embedded in me since I was very young. But, it’s not just about singing gospel music. It’s about singing about my belief and trust in the Lord and encouraging others that way. When I began working on my second album “Substance Abuse”, I realized then that the Lord was transforming me. I was walking closer and clinging closer to Him. And, it was during that time that I realized I had to change what I was singing about and how it was presented. So, as I focused on the Lord the focus of my music changed. And, this change caused me to cling to the substance of gospel music that was rooted in me as a child; that substance is the Lord. It caused me to focus on singing about the Lord and our ups and downs in life and how He is faithful to see us through!

What do you love most about singing/music?
I love how it blesses people, and how it encourages them. I love how it helps me to express my love for the Lord and how it helps to express my hurts, loves, victories, etc. I love that music and singing music is emotional and honest and transparent.

What are your biggest inspirations?
Being an instrument for the Lord. I want my gift to be used to continue to bless and encourage others to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. And, that those that have received Him would come to know Him more intimately and have a closer walk with Him. That the Lord would be glorified in all I do. That I would be able to remind people that music is still good and substantial and a gift from the Lord that should be used just for Him! That is first and foremost my biggest inspiration. I’m also inspired by people, what they go through, how it effects them, how they feel, and how they respond. I’m inspired by my own journey in life, and how I’m getting through and how I handle tests and trials. In my life, sometimes things are sad and sometimes things are happy. My faith is always growing, and I always need the Lord, we all need the Lord. And, that inspires me to write, sing and try and try again!

Who or what has impacted your life the most?
So many people have impacted my life; my mother, my father and my family. But, most of all the Lord has impacted my life. It’s because of Him that I’ve grown to be the woman I am now. And, I’m still growing! But because of the Lord, I’m focusing on what His will is for me and how much He loves me, and that has been the greatest impact because I have to stay focused on Him so I don’t get off track. I never want to forget the real purpose.

Describe your style of singing?
It’s soulful, it’s transparent, it’s jazzy, it’s inspirational, it’s smooth, it’s from the heart, and it’s honest. I listen to all kinds of music, so I think I have an approach that doesn’t exactly fit into one particular style of singing. I think it’s just my style. It’s made up of all of the elements I mentioned, and it’s inspired by many types of music. When put together, it becomes what I sound like; it becomes my style.

Have you recorded any music before?
Yes, I’m an independent artist on my own label Striker Records. I’ve released 3 albums. My debut album was “How It Feels…”, followed by my current albums “Substance Abuse” and “Substance Abuse… the Altar”. My current albums are available online at my website www.Shamora.com as well as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, all major music sites. Over the years because I’ve written and produced for major artists, I’ve also recorded background vocals on the songs I’ve written for them. I’ve been on Monica, J Lo, Angie Stone, Elton John and Mary J. Blige albums, just to name a few.

“My Testimony”
“You know because of what we do for a living, there’s a label of entertainer or performer attached to it. I don’t like those labels. I don’t like them because I’m never coming to perform for anyone. I’m coming to minister to you. I’m coming to sing to you and share with you what the Lord has given to me in hope that those who are listening would be blessed by that. That when I sing and minister to you, that you know the Lord is real and that you experience His love and you are encouraged! I just want people to see the Lord and hear Him and wanna be close to Him. I’m just there to be a vessel for Him.”

“I’m a woman who’s experienced many emotional, physical and mental hurts, aches, and disappointments. I’ve been bound by things. I’ve struggled and I’ve felt like giving up. But, I know the Lord and He has never left me. Even when I’ve been at the darkest period of my life, He’s been there. He’s been there because He’s Emmanuel, meaning “God with us”, and so He never does leave us because He’s always with us. He has loved me and comforted me through everything! It’s only because of my faith and belief in Him and His love for me that I’m still here. Truly if it were not for the Lord, I would have ended up in a different place. I wouldn’t know Him or love Him now like I do. Only the Lord has kept me and continues to keep me. My hope is in Him: it has to be!”

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