Who or What is Navigating You

by Terry Watson | May 17th, 2017
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

As a Christian, I have access to the best and most reliable navigational tool available; God. Similar in many ways to the navigational system of a car, yet uniquely different because He created everything and that makes His way the best anyhow. It is a gift that God has given us all to utilize for direction in life. All that we have to do is ask.

Quite often I have found myself lost or out of place. There have been moments when I was deeply involved with somethings, yet I didn’t have a clue on how I got there, more less on how I would get back. It didn’t take too long for me to realize the reasons for which I was there. It was because I didn’t take the time to share my thoughts and dreams with God initially. Instead I made plans and went on my way. That method never works and only makes God laugh.

There was one time when made plans to travel and get away. I was excited and shared my enthusiasm with a few others. I got all packed up, hit the road and when I arrived, almost immediately, problems began to settle in. One thing after another, it seemed that I had to deal with this issue and that issue. The trip was so frustrating that I began to look forward to returning home.

I didn’t know then but my problems began well before I had left home. I failed to ask God for favor and covering while I traveled. I failed to seek Him for guidance in regards to my trip. As a result of doing so, it seemed that with every turn that I made a problem was there waiting for me. Nothing went right.

God spoke to me, telling me that I was operating out of order. I hadn’t asked God to lead me where I he wanted me to go. I thought I was the captain of my ship, but it turned out that I never had control. Because of Gods grace and mercy, I made it home without harm. I learned a valuable lesson on that trip. God showed me that He has a plan for my life, a plan devised well before I even existed. If I intended on receiving the blesses and rewards that He has for me, I must seek Him first.

Whatever you dream or plan will never amount to anything if you don’t use the navigational tool that God has made available to you. If you are not following His plan and path, then you are running in circles. God always provides us with the best direction.

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